Are you finding that traditional methods like email marketing and social media aren’t delivering the desired results? It’s time to consider a more direct approach—text messages. 

Nearly 98% of text messages are read within minutes. When we compare that to the much lower open rates of emails, it’s clear why text messages are so powerful. They’re direct, personal, and reach your customers quickly. 

You might miss significant opportunities if you’re not utilizing text messages in your sales strategy!

In this blog post, we’ll explore why sales text messages are crucial for boosting conversions. We will also discuss practical sample text messages and best practices to help you craft engaging sales texts that your customers won’t ignore. 

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Why Are Sales Text Messages Effective?

Sales text messages work so well because nearly everyone reads them, often within minutes. 

Texts also get quick responses, which makes them perfect for urgent updates, flash sales, or anything time-sensitive. People check and reply to texts way faster than they do to emails or social media notifications.

sales text message example

15 Sales Text Messages Examples for Different Scenarios

Below are 15 sales text message examples tailored to different scenarios, each designed to maximize impact and encourage customer action.

1. New Product Announcements

New product announcements inform customers about the latest additions to your product line, generating excitement and encouraging immediate purchases. These messages should be clear and concise and highlight the new product’s unique features. 

Consider including a picture of the product being promoted.


  • “Hi [Name], our new summer collection is here! Check out the latest styles now.”
  • “Exciting news, [Name]! We’ve just launched our new line of eco-friendly products. Discover them today.”

2. Limited-Time Offers and Promotions

Limited-time offers make customers feel like they need to act fast to avoid missing out. To make the most of these offers, be sure to include a clear end date and a strong reason for them to make a purchase now.


  • “Exclusive offer for you, [Name]! Get 20% off your next purchase with code SAVE20. Hurry, the offer ends tonight!”
  • “Flash Sale Alert! Enjoy 30% off all items for the next 24 hours. Use code FLASH30 at checkout.”

3. Follow-Up Messages After Initial Contact

Follow-up drip messages help maintain engagement with potential customers after an initial interaction. They can include additional information, special offers, or a simple thank you to keep your brand at the top of their mind.


  • “Hi [Name], it was great speaking with you today. Don’t forget to check out our special offers online.”
  • “Thanks for visiting us, [Name]! Here’s a special discount: 15% off your next order. Use the code THANKS15.”

4. Abandoned Cart Reminders

Abandoned cart reminders encourage customers to complete their purchases by reminding them of items left in their shopping carts. These messages often include incentives like discounts or free shipping to motivate customers to finalize their orders.


  • “Hey [Name], you left something in your cart! Complete your purchase now and enjoy free shipping.”
  • “Don’t miss out, [Name]! The items in your cart are still available. Complete your purchase today and get 10% off.”

5. Post-Purchase Thank You Messages

Post-purchase messages show appreciation for a customer’s purchase and can include information about order tracking, product care tips, or additional offers to encourage repeat business.

post-purchase text message example


  • “Thank you for your purchase, [Name]! We appreciate your business. Your order is on its way. Track it here: [link]”
  • “Hi [Name], thanks for shopping with us! Here’s a 10% off coupon for your next purchase.”

6. Appointment Reminders

Automated appointment reminders help reduce no-shows by reminding customers of their upcoming appointments. These messages should include the appointment date, time, and location.


  • “Hi [Name], this is just a reminder for your appointment on [Date] at [Time]. We look forward to seeing you at [Location]!”
  • “Just a friendly reminder about your appointment tomorrow at [Time]. See you soon at [Location]!”

7. Customer Feedback Requests

Customer feedback requests invite customers to share their opinions about their recent experiences with your business. This feedback can help improve your products and services. Consider including a picture of 5 stars as a subtle suggestion to leave you a highly rated review.


  • “Hi [Name], we hope you enjoyed your recent purchase. Please let us know how we did by completing this short survey.”
  • “Your feedback is important to us, [Name]. Tell us about your experience and help us improve.”

8. Event Invitations

Event invitations inform customers about upcoming events, such as product launches, sales, or special celebrations. These messages should include event details and any necessary RSVP information.


  • “You’re invited, [Name]! Join us for our exclusive product launch event on [Date] at [Location]. RSVP here: [link].”
  • “Celebrate with us! Attend our anniversary sale event on [Date] and enjoy special discounts.”

9. Re-Engagement Messages

Re-engagement messages aim to reconnect with customers who haven’t interacted with your business for a while. These messages often include special offers or updates to spark interest.


  • “We miss you, [Name]! Here’s a 20% off coupon to welcome you back.”
  • “Long time no see, [Name]! Check out what’s new and get 15% off your next order.”

10. Birthday and Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary wishes and personalized birthday text messages add a personal touch by celebrating special occasions with your customers. These messages can include exclusive offers or discounts as a gift.


  • “Happy Birthday, [Name]! Enjoy a special 20% off on your special day.”
  • “Happy anniversary, [Name]! Celebrate with 15% off your next purchase.”

11. Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal promotions highlight special offers tied to holidays or seasonal events. These messages create excitement and encourage timely purchases.


  • “Spring into savings, [Name]! Get 25% off all spring items with code SPRING25.”
  • “Happy holidays, [Name]! Enjoy our holiday sale with discounts of up to 30% off.”

12. Back-in-Stock Notifications

Back-in-stock notifications alert customers when previously sold-out items are available again. These messages can drive quick sales from eager customers.


  • “Good news, [Name]! The item you wanted is back in stock. Grab it now before it’s gone again.”
  • “Hey [Name], your favorite item is back! Shop now: [link].”

13. Exclusive Membership Offers

Exclusive membership offers provide special deals for members or subscribers, enhancing loyalty and encouraging sign-ups.


  • “Hi [Name], as a valued member, enjoy early access to our sale with an extra 10% off.”
  • “Exclusive for our subscribers! Get 20% off your next order with code MEMBER20.”

14. Loyalty Program Updates

Loyalty program updates inform customers about their rewards status and available perks, encouraging continued customer engagement with your program.


  • “Hi [Name], you’ve earned 100 points! Redeem them for discounts and special rewards.”
  • “Congrats, [Name]! You’ve reached Gold status in our loyalty program. Enjoy exclusive benefits.”

15. Service Updates and Changes

Service updates and changes inform loyal customers about important changes to your services, such as new hours, policy updates, or added features.


  • “Hi [Name], we’re updating our store hours. We’ll be open from 9 AM to 9 PM starting next week.”
  • “Important update, [Name]! We’ve made changes to our return policy. Learn more here.”

Best Practices for Writing Sales SMS Templates

To make the most impact, you must follow some best practices that ensure your messages are engaging, clear, and compliant with regulations. 

Here’s how to craft sales text message templates that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Promotional text messages don’t have a strict character limit, but it’s crucial to keep them short and concise to maintain their effectiveness. This ensures that your message is clear and concise without overwhelming the recipient. 

You might want to include a picture if you need to convey more details.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Every promotional text message should have a clear and compelling call to action. This tells your loyal customers exactly what you want them to do next, whether clicking a link, using a discount code, or replying to the message. 

Phrases like “Shop Now,” “Claim Your Discount,” or “Reply YES to confirm” work well.

Personalize Your Messages

Personalization can significantly increase engagement. Use the recipient’s name and tailor the message to their interests or past interactions with your brand. 

For example, “Hi [Name], this is [Name], the Store Manager at [Name] I thought you might like our new summer collection” feels more personal than a generic message. This level of personalization can be automated using dynamic fields.

Timing Matters

The timing of your message can greatly affect its effectiveness. Avoid sending messages too early in the morning or too late at night. Aim for mid-morning or early afternoon when people are more likely to be receptive.

Additionally, consider the frequency of your messages. Sending too many messages can annoy your loyal customers and lead them to opt-out.

Ensure your messages comply with regulations, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States. This includes obtaining explicit consent from recipients before sending marketing type messages and providing an easy way for them to opt-out. 

Always include an opt-out option, such as “Reply STOP to Unsubscribe.”

Use Emojis and Multimedia Sparingly

Emojis and multimedia elements like images or GIFs can make your messages more engaging and fun. However, use them sparingly to ensure they improve your message without making it look unprofessional. For example, a simple smiley face can add a friendly touch, but too many emojis can be distracting.

Textellent simplifies the process with its extensive media library. You can upload your visuals or select from a wide array of available options on the platform. This feature is perfect for creating promotional messages that showcase your brand’s unique identity and effectively engage your audience.

Test and Optimize

Testing different message formats, timings, and CTAs can help you understand what works best for your audience. Use A/B testing to compare different versions of your messages and analyze the results.

Add Value

Make sure your messages provide value to the recipient. Whether it’s a special offer, useful information, or a reminder, your text should be something the recipient finds worthwhile. This builds trust and encourages ongoing engagement.

Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience allows you to send more targeted and relevant messages. Group your customers based on their preferences, purchase history, or behavior. You can tailor your messages to meet their needs and interests.

Provide Clear Benefits

Clearly outline the benefits of taking action. Instead of just saying, “Get a discount,” specify the discount and how it benefits the recipient. For instance, “Save $10 on your next purchase with code SAVE10” gives a clear and immediate benefit.

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FAQs About Sales Text Messages

How do I handle negative responses or feedback?

Handling negative responses or feedback professionally is important for maintaining a loyal customer relationship. Respond promptly and courteously, offering to resolve any issues they may have. This shows that you value their feedback and are committed to providing a positive experience.

Can I automate my sales text messages?

SMS marketing platforms like Textellent allow you to automate your business text messages and follow-up drip campaigns. Automation allows you to send messages at optimal times and segment your audience for targeted text messaging. This helps ensure consistency and efficiency in your marketing efforts.

How do I track the performance of my sales text messages?

Tracking performance involves monitoring delivery, open, click-through, and conversion rates. 

Most SMS marketing platforms like Textellent provide analytics dashboards that allow you to see your messages’ performance. Use this data to adjust your SMS marketing strategy and improve future text message campaigns.