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In today’s marketing world, tools that easily enable laser-focused, context-based audience targeting are the Holy Grail—and a marketer’s dream. With Textellent’s next-generation business texting platform, you can effortlessly design and manage text campaigns that allow for deep segmentation and targeting of customers. Whether you’re marketing to a few dozen customers or tens of thousands at a time, we’ve got the most comprehensive texting tools to help you.

Sophisticated Targeting & Segmentation Capabilities Drive Results

Two variable text messages that send to a contact using tag-based segmentation

Flexible & Multiple Tags for Contact Targeting

Detailed tag-based segmentation can begin when a customer opts in or is assigned later. Leads can be tagged based on their interest or how they opted in and received relevant context-based messaging—i.e., through a web form, text-in, door-hangers, specific ad campaign (on Facebook, Instagram, etc.), keywords, etc.

Using Tags to Segment and Send Texts

Our flexible tag concepts mean contacts can be tagged by: Interests, the products/services they buy, their assigned representative, and even preferred language, or other custom characteristics. Once tags are established, it’s a breeze to craft relevant, micro-targeted campaigns. PLUS: You can leverage tags you currently use in your CRM, customer service, or other systems.

Tags Can Define Events & Keywords & Follow-up

Build campaigns around sales events, webinars, and training programs—including recurring ones—using business texting segmentation & targeting tags to make your text message marketing communications even more timely.  

Create and schedule targeted communications with text blasts and templates (mass messages) based on tags and/or specific event dates.


Use “mail-merge” like fields to make texts more contextual

Craft text-communications programs that can be tailored with an unparalleled range of data—and to audiences from a few dozen to a few thousand. Reference their products of interest or their pet’s name, etc to make the message more relevant to each individual

Segmented text message with booking link sending based on customer tag
Drip campaign template with timed follow ups and tags for customer targeting

Powerful and Uniquely Detailed Text “Drip” Campaigns

Use tags and contextual info so every customer can receive unique messages based on their individual timeline: drip campaigns can be based on the date a tag was assigned or they opted in, such as a webinar they attended or a date they were given an estimate.

Empower your sales and service teams with tag-based workflow

Reps can even filter and manage incoming messages assigned to them based on tags to make it easier to prioritize follow-up. Assign the right people to follow up on specific campaign leads to ensure higher close rates.

It’s easy to track campaign success using Marketing Segmentation

Measure advertising-spend effectiveness by using text keywords that automatically tag customers. Use different keywords for different advertising mechanisms—digital platforms, signs, truck wraps, door hangers, etc.  Regardless of campaign type—i.e., new events/products/services, flash sales can be tracked with coupon codes, special links, and more.

A billboard and a social media post with two different text-in keywords for segmentation and campaign tracking


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