Partners in Texting

Texting drives customer engagement like no other channel in today’s market. Whether you’re a marketing agency, you sell software or technology that complements Textellent’s business texting service offering, or you just want to be an affiliate, our partner programs can help you earn solid revenue in return for sharing a powerful communications solution with your customers.

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Text Marketing Solutions for Agencies

• Add texting to complement campaigns
• Generate leads and revenue
• A “value-add” to offer to your clients to win new business

Sophisticated Texting Solutions for Software Leaders

• Texting is a natural extension for customer-facing offerings
• Texting complement any system to improve communication
• Integrate true “next-generation” capabilities into offerings

Next-Generation Business Texting Solutions for Telecom Partners

• Enable groups and bulk text blasts to a few contacts or thousands
• Provide campaign creation and template management
• Reporting capabilities on opt-outs and invalid numbers

Text Message Marketing Solutions for Affiliates & Consultants

• Refer clients to Textellent with rev share programs
• Joint marketing opportunities available
• Support your clients with meaningful solutions


of consumers want to be able to text businesses


of consumers prefer texts for updates on order status


of consumers prefer text to schedule or change appointments

Special Capabilities for Partners

Unparalleled Integration Capabilities to Dramatically Enhance Your Offering

Whether you want to embed our Messenger widget within your offering, implement native integration, or use our rich Zapier app, Textellent’s Texting for Partnerships offers an ideal integration solution for your specific service. See integration options.

White-Labeling Boosts Professionalism

Our leading-edge texting platform, branded with your company’s singular “look and feel” and domain URL—and offering single sign-on capability—conveys a sense of solidity, professionalism, and technological depth to your clients.

Unmatched Partner-Level Access & Capabilities

Our APIs provide for automated account provisioning, partner-level access to client accounts, aggregated insights, automation capabilities around your scheduling system if appropriate, and more.

Texting integration options for Partners

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Tap Our Patented Industry Expertise

Harness our years of award-winning, patent-earning expertise, and let us help you craft the “best-in-class” solutions to fit your market.

Partner Dashboards for Greater “Visibility”

Our dashboards—boasting multi-location and multi-user views—let you monitor your customers’ or partners’ adoption levels and text performance. Enjoy deeper insights with our robust reporting capabilities—supported by sophisticated BI tools.  

Your Marketing Partner

Let’s collaborate using co-marketing programs designed to have you hit the ground running with webinars, marketing programs, collateral support, and more.

Support When You Need It

Dedicated support for our partners ensures their success. We want you to be part of our community, and we will help you through the integration process. We offer various Texting for Partnerships models, whether we train you to provide technical support or we support your customers directly – whatever fits your business best.

Flexible Business Models

We can offer a variety of pricing and distribution models to fit your industry and business requirements.


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