Strengthen communications – and your bottom line – without breaking a sweat.

Textellent’s business texting solution allows you to effortlessly and automatically communicate with members and prospects about tours, promotions, alerts, special events, schedule changes, discount offers, and more. Use automated texting functions to generate leads, keep prospects moving along the sales cycle, and engage members with tailored marketing messages for fitness. And do it all via texting —THE preferred communications medium today.

Generating and Nurturing Leads with Fitness Text Messaging

Opt-in key word texted to gym for free kickboxing session

First, Make it Easier to Reach You!

Adding texting to your business phone line makes it easier for new and existing clients to reach out to you. Make it easy for them to ask about your services. Go even further and add the “Text Us Now” button (a text-chat widget) to your website so they can automatically inquire while on their mobile device.

Create an Ongoing “Lead Magnet” that builds a list of prospects

Get more bang from your marketing dollars campaigns (i.e., postcards, Facebook/TV ads, etc.) by using text-in keywords with shortcodes—or your business phone #—in calls-to-action like: “Text ‘Workout’ to 87000 for a free personal training session.

Instantly Reply to Leads

Use automated response functions, such as a Speed-to-the-Lead text reply that is personalized and in context based on the source of their inquiry to demonstrate professionalism. Use the reply to ask them to share some of their fitness goals and provide links to prospects to self-book facility tours and get them engaged immediately. These replies will help tailor your tour.

Cultivate Prospects Towards Membership

Our text messaging platform is ideal for creating personalized and automated drip campaigns that keep prospects engaged and moving towards visiting or joining, but with a light touch.

Brand Consistent SMS Marketing for Fitness

Our text-marketing service allows you to create templates and segment leads or members using flexible tags so they receive highly targeted, automated, and personalized messages about new classes, kids/family fitness offers, events, etc., to boost relevance and enhance the customer experience.

Drip text campaign to tag "Kickboxing leads"

Special Multi-location & System-Wide Text Marketing for Fitness

Our business-texting platform supports multi-location and franchise operations template and media libraries ensuring that brand messaging—via text templates—stays uniform across all clubs to support compliance and brand requirement. Ability to execute campaigns across the system with one click or locally as needed. This further allows you to segment members to receive “on brand” targeted, automated, and personalized messages about new classes, kids/family fitness offers, events, etc., to boost relevance and enhance conversion.

Casey owns a membership-based fitness studio and is always looking to grow her studio with new members while providing exceptional service to her existing members. Adding a chat widget on her website has spurred visitors and members to reach out with questions. Many opt-in to receive her text-marketing messages by texting in the keyword “fitness” to her main number. Based on their stated interests, they receive automated text promotions with special discounts or complementary services. She has seen her membership grow and her members love the service.

Making Sure Members Stay Engaged and Informed

Text to Keep Members “Plugged in”

Enhance your members’ experience, satisfaction, and loyalty with text-based fitness tips, video links, class-schedule changes, contests, special offers, etc. When inactivity is noticed, put them on a drip campaign to try to encourage re-engagement.

Grow Membership—& Keep It

Automatically text out mobile guest passes, renewal notifications and upcoming/overdue payment alerts to boost your member base, and keep monthly dues flowing steadily using recurring text blast or by tying texting into your operational systems.

Make Booking and Wait-listing a Breeze

Text links to members for easy booking, wait-listing and RSVPing for classes and trainers, along with session-reminder texts to reduce no-show rates and keep bookings high.

Make annual renewals and payments easy

Simple reminders if payment is needed- change of credit card, etc makes sure membership doesn’t lapse.

Put Review-Gathering on Autopilot

Accelerate the review-posting process with automated text campaigns that prompt members to post reviews of clubs, classes, or trainers, complete with images—i.e., five-star review icons, gym logo, pix of trainers, etc.

Promotional Text message from fitness club with link to schedule a free training session
Text message from fitness facility asking for a review


say they’ve tried to do so without success


OF people asked to leave a review will do so


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Streamlining Your Operation


Boost Employee Efficiency

Our business texting service seamlessly lets you text right from your existing fitness management software with a variety of integration options to save your employees time in reaching customers, integrate into, and enhance the performance, potential, and functionality of your existing fitness-club-management software.

Full-featured Scheduling Application Makes Scheduling Tours Simple

Let employees text out calendar links from Textellent’s robust scheduling module or use your fitness software to Connect prospects, via text, to our robust, industry-exclusive scheduling app (or integrate with your own) to self-book tours, or let members self-book training sessions, classes and more.

Robust Reporting

Info-rich reports generated from our business texting app track outcomes of marketing campaigns and provide invaluable member-engagement metrics.

Easily Works with Your Existing Systems

Our robust integration options make it a snap to integrate with your back-end systems and software. All text conversations are captured and can be synced back into your primary operations system.

Texting for Fitness Integration options


- Business Texting Services can be used by studios to send out member communications/events, class schedules, class changes, and more
- Allow your members to text questions to your staff using the TextUsNow widget from Textellent and let them respond easily from a browser or mobile app
- It's a great way to build relationships with your members

- Consider using your advertising to promote various text keywords to get prospects to text you that word to the studio number to find out more information about your various fitness programs
- Once they have texted you, they have opted in to receive text message marketing information, and then you can put them on a text campaign to keep in touch with them till they schedule a tour or become a member

- You can easily set up a recurring payment reminder and include the link to your payment portal as a friendly reminder

- You can easily send out a group message or a Text Blast depending on the size of your class to remind people of the time and the date of classes in any changes in that schedule