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While 1:1, real-time text conversations are important, the ability to automate multiple communications processes (e.g., sales, marketing, follow-up, reminders, review requests, etc.) while making the customer feel like they’re receiving personal messages is a true game-changer. Textellent’s business texting solution has pioneered a level of automation capabilities and campaign personalization unparalleled in the industry.

You now have the power to apply the best sms marketing service throughout the customer life cycle, saving your team time and yielding a level of customer engagement that competitors offering autoresponders alone can only dream of matching.


Automated text campaign sent after contact form submission

Whatever the Lead Source Such as Web Form, Ad, Social, Etc.

Textellent’s unique Speed to Lead automation means that prospects get an immediate, context-based text thanking them for their inquiry. Consider requesting further details to engage the customer more fully. Historically, (and remarkably), 50+% will text back photos, measurements, or additional information about their needs, and they love the attention.

Opt-in Keywords

Automate Campaigns & Customize Responses to those who Text in Keywords. Set each keyword to automatically trigger the right contextual campaign.

After Hours Responders

Never leave a customer hanging. Tailor our automated texting service to send messages for after-hours inquiries and busy periods (like having a virtual assistant). These messages will let customers know when your staff is unavailable and when you’ll get back to them.


Use Flexible Tags For Sophisticated Targeting

Automate text blasts, group messages, and recurring blasts on relevant topics based on the tags assigned to contacts. Schedule future messages (even recurring ones) to keep in touch with customers and to share seasonal/quarterly promotions and greetings.

Drip Text Messages

Textellent’s unique “drip” text campaigns let you set and keep up the outreach, nurturing your prospects, and encouraging them to respond. Consider a schedule of multi-level drip campaigns that can include testimonials, examples, pictures, or special offers, all designed to solicit a response. Campaigns can be stopped manually or set to stop automatically when the customer starts responding.

Birthday & Anniversary Text Messages – Automated!

Pre-configured Birthday and anniversary greetings let you automatically reach out with personalized messages and offers when you know these important dates. Deepen relations with customers, employees, franchisees, and members as you make them feel appreciated. Include a coupon to celebrate the occasion.

Automated holiday text blast being sent to multiple tags


Automatic text sent after an order has shipped with tracking link

Flexible Business Rules

This allows the introduction of new Customer Experiences (CXs) that can be configured using pre-existing building blocks vs. being coded from scratch. This accelerates “time to market” and minimizes TCO (total cost of ownership). Textellent’s architecture allows a wide range of possibilities.

Create Business Objects

New kinds of business objects, along with automated touchpoint rules and message templates, can be created with no coding. Now, your newly introduced CXs benefit from automatic tracking and reporting for ongoing performance measurement and improvement.

Customer Journey Messages Throughout

Text-enable all parts of the customer journey for e-commerce (i.e., order confirmation, shipping notification, follow-ups, etc.) as well as service-industry businesses (i.e., lead engagement, consult, delivery/execution) and follow-up activities.


Much More than JUST REMINDERS!

Using Textellent’s unmatched next-generation scheduling software (or we’ll integrate with yours), every step can be automated, leaving other business texting platforms (that can simply send reminders) in the dust.

First, all messages “come from” your business phone number, not a random one, making it more personal.

Ensure Meeting Prep

Automate meeting confirmations, and meeting-prep messages such as text-based “checklist” reminders to ensure ideal appointment outcomes. These messages can include a link to fill out applications, submit intake forms, remember essential documents, keep pets inside (before fertilizing), etc.

Multiple Reminders When Needed

Automated reminders sent days/one day/hours before an appointment neutralize forgetfulness and dramatically reduce no-shows. All reminders can have different messages and even include a picture of the technician coming to perform the service.

Post Appointment Review Requests of Follow-up Automated!

Automate review requests after appointments. The message can provide links to the review portal and feature a 5-star graphic (hint/hint). Automated texts can thank prospects for meetings and discuss the next steps. It works for getting referrals too and it’s far less awkward than asking in person.

Plan The Next Meeting Automatically!

Automate a text cadence that prompts customers to set their next appointment. Consider coupons to encourage future business and increase lifetime value.

Automatic message with link to schedule an appointment
Automatic followup 6 weeks post appointment with a link to book again
Integration capabilities with other business software or systems


Textellent Business Texting Automation Capabilities boast the richest integration options in the texting industry to support your ability to create campaigns that can also be triggered by your existing systems.

At Textellent, our goal is to provide businesses with tailored text automation tools to streamline customer communication and ROI. Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about mass SMS marketing and how we can help your business grow fast!


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