Ensure that Growing Profitability & Customer Loyalty Are Always “in Stock

Shopping for an easy way to keep customers in the loop (i.e., for specials, promotions, events, discounts, etc.), as well as happy, returning, and buying? Textellent offers an industry-leading business texting platform for retail that makes it a breeze to communicate with customers (and employees) where and how they want, and in the process, maximize potential revenues, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Generate More Leads for Your Retail Business

Retail Speed-to-Lead Campaign from Contact Form with Auto-response
Opt-in keyword text to tire retailer for coupon

First, Make it Easier to Reach You!

Adding texting to your business phone line makes it easier for new and existing clients to access you. It’s like giving them a hotline right to your store. It’s an easy way to start a friendly dialogue, providing instant contact, immediate response and no waiting on hold. Go even further and add the “Text Us Now” button (a text-chat widget) to your website so they can easily inquire about your products and services.

Boost Revenue with Opt-in Text Marketing

Use keywords to invite customers, by text, to opt-in to loyalty programs, so they’re first in line for special sales, events, and promotions, delivered via automated campaigns from our text messaging platform. Watch revenues rise as customers get rewarded for receiving your marketing campaigns. In your advertising or posts, invite them to text in the word Exclusive to be eligible to receive your special promotions.

Automatically Respond to Inquiries

When someone requests more information, they’re clearly interested. Textellent’s “Speed-to-Lead” campaigns let you immediately send a personalized and contextualized acknowledgment, letting them know when you’ll reach out, and even asking them to provide additional details on their needs.

Fast Responses Shut Out Competitors

Quickly and meaningfully engaging retail customers, via text, who want to learn more, makes it less likely they’ll contact the competition, and the resulting dialogue can show you how to close the sale—and future ones as well.

Tailor Marketing Texts to the Right Recipients

Use SMS marketing templates and Textellent’s platform to use tags to create automated, personalized text campaigns to promote the appropriate specials and events to the right customers enticing them with coupons that use unique codes for tracking. Segment lists by stated customer preferences, so you match the right offers to the right customers.

A clothing store, that just got their new seasonal inventory in, wants to get the word out far and wide—and fast. Luckily, our text messaging app makes it easy! They can send group texts to lists built from customer opt-ins, and even segment those lists by stated customer interests. This way, customers get the offers most relevant to them.

Keep Communications Flowing 24/7

Deeper Relationships = Higher Revenues

Businesses that engage customers via text report increases in sales, underscoring that texting—intimate and immediate—is a great way to build relationships and trust with customers.

Catch Every Message – With the Mobile App

When you’re roaming the store, the Textellent mobile app ensures you keep up with all communications and never miss a text.

Let Retail Customers Order Directly by Text

Allow retail customers to text you directly to place an item on hold or to order something after-hours that’s not available on your website.

Ensure Instant After-Hours Response

When your store is closed, use Textellent’s after-hours responder to automatically reply to inquiries, letting customers know when you’ll get back to them.

Lock in Pick-ups & Deliveries

Use texting to alert customers their order has arrived at the store. Retail operations that make deliveries can use Textellent’s scheduling tool to let customers self-book delivery times and receive reminders to ensure they happen (“Remember: We’ll be there at 3:00 p.m. today!”)

text message template for retailer special events


OF consumers are more likely to join a retailer or brand’s marketing list if they receive an instant coupon


OF CustomerS are likely or very likely to redeem coupons requested in response to and ad


OF texts are read within 3 minutes mof being sent

A retail electronics store that text-enables its main business line puts a huge neon sign in front of its business. When those texts come in—i.e., “Do you carry ____?,” or “Can you put ____on hold?”—store managers and staff instantly see those messages on their phones, and can immediately reply (or set it up to auto-reply after hours). That’s one more customer that’s one step closer to a purchase.

Keep an Open Channel with Customers & Employees

Stay Connected Year Round

Share personalized text-based greetings thanking them for their business, and use text-blast templates to share upcoming holiday events and promotions.

Stay Connected with Employees 

Linking employees to text lists makes it easy to share schedules, updates, reminders, and policy changes, along with requests to fill open shifts when a team member is out with the flu. Employees now also have a fast way to ask questions, request shift swaps, and more.

See the Results

Textellent’s robust reporting functions allow you to see and gauge the response to campaigns so that you can fine-tune future text marketing efforts and programs for optimal success.

Easily Works with Your Existing Systems

Our robust integration options make it a snap to integrate with your back-end systems and software. All text conversations are captured and can be synced back into your primary operations system.


- Offer your customers via advertising at your store the ability to opt into your loyalty program. They could text the keyword "VIP" to your store's number to receive special offers like "15% off on your next purchase," plus let them know they'll be entitled to receive special "text only" offers for special sales and events at your store.
- Now that they've opted in for text message marketing, you could send information about your new collections, trunk shows, events, and more. Be sure to include pictures that make your texts more engaging and fun to keep them coming into your store to see your merchandise.

- Once you have added text to your store's business telephone number, you can deploy Textellent's Text-Us-Now widget to encourage customers visiting your website to text you directly. For example, this can allow customers to ask if you have a particular item or size in your shop.
- This way, you can send pictures, make the sale, and even send them a link for payment. With one-to-one texting through our business texting platform, you could arrange for pickup or delivery once the transaction is concluded.

- Post along with your help wanted signs the suggestion that potential employees text your store's phone number with the word "sales" to learn more about the opportunity you have listed.
- At that point, you can use one-to-one texting to have them send their resume, set up an interview, and even put them on a text drip campaign if they don't respond right away to try to keep them interested.

- Many retailers like to offer a special gift to their customers around their birthdays, so one opportunity is to get your customers to sign up for that by giving you their birthday. Using our business texting service, you can automatically send a nice message and get them back into your store to pick up their mystery gift.
- Also, you could send holiday greetings for special seasons so that you could also promote special merchandise you may have for that season.