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Enterprise-level organizations with multiple locations have unique marketing, message control, and compliance needs. They need to craft national text message marketing campaigns while having the flexibility to conduct hyper-local promotions as well. And they need to enforce strict compliance standards. Textellent checks all the boxes, delivering a world-class, reliable, and secure business-texting solution for Enterprise and Multi-Location Organizations that works overtime to protect your brand’s good name.

Easily Create Brand Consistent Campaigns Local, Region-wide, or Nationwide

template library for branded sms campaigns

Template and Media Libraries

Using rich template controls, you create a brand-approved library with “on-message” copy and images you control and publish to be used by all locations. Template libraries allow for some localization without impacting your nationally-approved campaigns.

Create Unique Experiences Too

Introduce new customer experiences easily using Textellent’s “Rules Engine.” This means new experiences can be created inexpensively and quickly to match business requirements.

AI-Driven Compliance Tools Go Above & Beyond to Protect Your Brand

Compliance Tools Go Above & Beyond the Word STOP

Automatically enforce compliance guidelines with opt-in requirements. The corporate office  can set message limits on text blast size and cadence to prevent local managers from “going rogue.”

Get an Extra Layer of Protection from Artificial Intelligence

Opt-out reporting supported by Artificial Intelligence makes TCPA compliance easy.  AI monitors “sentiment analysis” in case consumers don’t use typical actions/verbiage to opt-out.

National Campaigns from an 800 number or your local entity

Text-enable each location’s business number (recipients don’t see random numbers) to support running local text message campaigns that feel more personal to consumers. PLUS, you choose: Run a system-wide campaign with one click OR encourage local execution and management of programs.

AI profecting for enterprise SMS

Monitor Branded SMS Marketing Campaigns Local, Region-wide, or Nationwide

KPI dashboard for multi-location or enterprise sms performance tracking

Unique KPI Dashboards Provide In-Depth Monitoring

Unique dashboards monitor activity and results at the aggregate or local levels. See, at a glance, inactive locations that need support.  Localized dashboards for local managers let them see ONLY their location’s results or the results of all of one owner’s locations.

Robust Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics

Adoption and Compliance KPI Dashboards helps headquarters monitor campaign roll-outs on the aggregate level while also enabling you to drill down to the local level. Sophisticated Business Intelligence tools can be tailored to deliver analytics specific to your organization, allowing you to monitor campaign results based on key metrics.

Enterprise-Class Extensibility & Scalability Built in from the Ground Up

Architected for large, multi-location organizations using open-source tech stack, hosted in a secure cloud and compliant with robust security and privacy standards. Embeddable widgets allow for interactive texting within your key back-end systems. White-labeling options are available if desired.

INTEGRATION OPTIONS for Enterprise and Multi-Location Organizations

Textellent business texting platform boasts the richest integration options in the industry to support texting for Enterprise and Multi-Location organizations’ needs.


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