Ensure Organizations Are Connected, Consistent, and Covering All Bases

An organization that communicates well, performs well. Textellent’s best-in-class business texting application strengthens communication on every level, and for any size organization: small firm; enterprise-level organization; franchise operation disseminating information from HQ to distributed locations; or the recruiting arm of an organization needing to manage communications with candidates. Level-up with Texting for Recruiting and Employee Communications

Make Easier Connections by Texting Candidates & Employees

Opt-in keyword Text message for Recruiting

Make Communications Easy & Discreet 

Business texting services let you reach out to candidates and employees quickly, easily, and—for candidates currently employed elsewhere—privately.

Simplify the Process of Getting Applicants

Promote keywords like “Jobs” in advertising and signage so candidates can “text in” to automatically receive more details and next steps. Use Textellent’s SMS shared short code to provide an easy-to-remember number for texting while having all your responses come from your text-enabled business number.

Automate Recruiting Logistics with Business Texting

Use our business texting services with Textellent’s scheduling module to let candidates self-book interviews, automate interview reminders to ensure they happen, and even send necessary documents back and forth beforehand through MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

Ensure After-Hours Response

When candidates or employees reach out after-hours, leave a professional impression by setting up auto-reply texts, so they always get a response while letting them know when you’ll get back to them.

Simplify Workforce-Expansion Efforts 

When you’re looking to add staff, use periodic text blasts to contractors and employees offering referral incentives. 

Business Texting Easily Integrates with Your Everyday Tools 

Our SMS marketing platform easily meshes with the tools you’re already using—including Applicant Tracking Systems or alternative calendar applications on the market.

84% of the candidates schedule an interview within 24 hours of receiving a text invite

A  company looking to add salespeople could use Textellent’s business-texting platform for Recruiting and Employee Communications to attract candidates—using keywords (e.g., “Text ‘Good Pay’ to 87000”). By doing so, they quickly open an easy channel for the back-and-forth, text-based communications with candidates, setting up and confirming interviews that include calendar links, links to upload resumes, providing more company information, etc.

Share Company-Wide Communication Easily

Facilitate One-Click Communication with Teams & Large Groups

Employees and franchisees can easily miss emails, including key announcements. Our business texting platform lets you reach big groups more effectively with personalized, recurring, or instantaneous text blasts—their preferred medium—while offering recipients a quick and easy way to respond.  Using Textellent’s flexible tags, You can easily determine by tag which employees should get which group messages.

Employees Want to Text

Texts are read and responded to faster than any other medium. When the goal is to have messages viewed and acted on, our business texting platform cuts to the chase.

Keep Employees/Franchisees/Partners on the Same Page

Effortlessly share information across an entire organization (i.e., employee schedules, updated health policies, upcoming training, organizational news/changes, etc.) or franchisee network (i.e., conferences/training events, marketing strategies, new trends, policies, programs, legal issues, etc.)

Put “Tickler” Tasks on Auto

Automate recurring, text-based, system-wide reminders (i.e., about regular/quarterly reviews, training, certifications, etc.), while providing recipients a way to easily ask questions and get prompt replies.


Text message to Employees about open shift

An organization with a large nationwide operations staff needs to keep those teams in sync and in the loop. While email can be ignored, texting provides an easy and direct channel to reach specific groups (which can be easily segmented by Textellent tags) with information on new assignments, policy changes, employee benefits, upcoming training events, etc., while providing a direct way for team members to reply back with questions or communicate with colleagues.

Build Personal Connections While Capturing History

Birthday text message for Recruiting and Employees

Increase Employee Morale with Automated Text Birthday Campaigns

It’s a breeze to cultivate goodwill and loyalty in your workforce by using our business texting solution to stay connected to employees—with well-wishes for birthdays or anniversaries and holidays, uplifting messages, updates on new employee benefits, etc.

A Digital Paper Trail

Smoothly integrates all conversations created through our text messaging platform for Recruiting and Employee Communications into your employee records or Applicant-Tracking systems.

Textellent’s Works with Your Existing Systems

Flexible Integration Options

Textellent offers multiple options for integrating with the familiar applicant tracking and employee management systems you use every day, eliminating rocky transitions and long learning curves.  All text conversations, attachments, appointments, etc., are reliably captured and synced, thanks to the most robust APIs in the industry.