Texting Provides Many New Options for Creating New Customer Experiences

The quality and consistency of your enterprise-level organization’s ongoing communications with customers, prospects and employees can mean the difference between success and stagnation. Textellent delivers a world-class, scalable business texting solution that maximizes the potential of every stage of the customer journey while ensuring consistent messaging across your enterprise—especially those with multiple locations. 

Enhanced Marketing & Brand Awareness 

• Text-enable local business lines enabling customer communication
• Build up text marketing lists with tagging for easy segmentation
• Templates and media libraries drive brand consistency

Sales & Customer Connections

• Speed-to-the-Lead engages prospects immediately
• Drip campaigns move prospects forward
• Meetings made easy with Textellent automated scheduler 

Employee & Partner Communications Simplified

• Inform employees quickly with group messaging
• Employees get 1:1 real-time text support 
• Assign workflow easily 

More Effective Ecommerce & Customer Service

• Provide text opt-in opportunities for future marketing
• Confirm customer orders & status
• Mail merge features personalize and contextualize messages


of consumers wish more businesses texted them


of consumers are more likely to trust text over other forms of communications


of consumers have tried to reply back to a missed call via text

Special capabilities for Enterprises

Automated Text Campaign Segmentation Flow for Enterprises

Customizable Text Campaigns using “Rules Engine”

Textellent lets you create automated text campaigns to match business requirements while reducing both “time to market” and cost of ownership so you can deliver new and unique customer experiences.

System-Wide Visibility, Manageability & Controls

A host of dashboards monitor text campaigns and roll-out, compliance, and results at both the aggregate and local levels. Generate custom reports using Business Intelligence tools to create the right KPIs for your organization. 

Unparalleled SMS Campaign Creation, Execution & Management

Create brand-approved campaign templates using a media library of approved images for effective SMS & MMS campaigns. Execute national campaigns on behalf of distributed locations with one-click activation or allow execution and management at the local level.

Adoption & Support Management Tools

Corporate-level tools make it easy to see which locations have adopted campaigns, and which are more active, while you identify their best practices, quantify their opt-out rates, etc. This allows you to showcase those who are thriving and support those who need assistance.

Media library for Enterprise Texts

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

With our text messaging platform, a corporate headquarters module allows you to publish and easily maintain a library of text campaign templates and rich media to share with branch offices to keep communications uniform.

Compliant from the First “Hello” Supported by AI

Our business texting platform allows you to create compliance-based opt-in programs with contextualized, system-generated responses, uniform across the enterprise. Built-in Artificial Intelligence ensures that customers who don’t want your texts can opt-out successfully. The system uses “sentiment analysis” to auto-unsubscribe recipients when negative language is detected—instead of “STOP” or “X”—is detected. For example, if someone texts, “I don’t want these messages,” would be detected and put into the opt-out category for review. This protects your brand more completely.

Built-In Extensibility & Scalability from the Ground Up

The Textellent service and data are hosted in the secure cloud—compliant with robust security and privacy standards—and with proven high availability (99.99% uptime). Purpose-built for large, multi-location organizations using an open-source tech stack and capable of quickly delivering large message volumes. 

A Reliable, Scalable Network

Our text marketing service for Enterprise organizations operates on a best-in-class network, ensuring fast, reliable message delivery and constant full-spectrum system monitoring and self-healing. Using a high-capacity, cloud-based network means reliable, real-time message delivery even during peak volume, with virtually unlimited bandwidth.

Encryption and Security

Your sensitive information is safe, thanks to encryption safeguards that include industry-recommended key-management practices, strength protocols, and multi-factor authentication to combat phishing and ransomware attacks.

Next-Generation Integration Tools Sync with Existing Systems

Discover how the next generation of texting can redefine how you communicate while tying into your existing platforms. Easily sync your message exchanges, appointments, and events in real time to your existing backend systems, using a variety of options. Whether you want to integrate with CRM, POS, or other back-end systems, we offer unparalleled APIs, Zapier connectivity, native integrations, embedded frames—even a Chrome extension.
See integration options.

Right Message, Right Person, Right Time

Use our system to create new revenue streams by effortlessly segmenting customers using tags and automating the sending of text promotions based on customers’ past purchases. More on segmentation capabilities.

Text template for Multi-location organizations

Ever-Improving Enterprise Text Campaigns

Our business texting platform for Enterprises provides sophisticated business intelligence tools to measure campaign effectiveness and provide actionable insights for improvement and support in many locations. Also tracks wrong/restricted numbers and undeliverable landline numbers.

Nurture Prospects & Shepherd Customers

Tailor automated text messaging campaigns to prospects using tags based on their stage in the sales cycle. Use event-triggered campaigns to guide new customers through the product delivery and installation process and even repeat orders.

Make Employee Follow-up Happen

Set our system to tag employees, using text, to follow up with specific prospects (to keep them moving along the sales cycle), or challenging customers (to address issues, questions, etc.)

Tap Textellent’s Experts

Every company’s requirements are unique, and our experienced technical staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss design, configure, test, and support a solution that’s a fit for your requirements—today and tomorrow.

Integration Options for Enterprise and Multi-Location Organizations

Next-Generation Integration Tools Sync with Existing Enterprise Systems

Discover how the next generation of business texting for Enterprise can redefine how you communicate while tying into your existing platforms. Easily sync your message exchanges, appointments, and events in real time to your existing backend systems, using a variety of options. Whether you want to integrate with CRM, POS, or other back-end systems, we offer unparalleled APIs, Zapier apps, native integrations, embedded frames—even a Chrome extension.


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