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99% of all texts are read within 90 seconds and surpasses email effectiveness by 20X. Less than 1% of texts are considered spam (vs. 90% of emails) so if you are a trusted supplier this is a big opportunity for you. Reach your customers where they are doing business with personalized, meaningful and relevant texts from a “real’ phone number – not a computer-generated shortcode. Textellent’s offers proven campaigns, not just a batch and blast approach. Textellent shows you the best strategies to attract, engage and keep your customers buying more, coming back and referring their friends—all by tapping into your customer history data.

Acquire Clients

Gain new customers with opt-in promotions.

Grow Customer Lifetime Value

Nurture Customers with personalized coupons & on-going drip campaigns.

Support & Delight Clients

Offer 1:1 support to your customers via texting.

Boost Referrals

Automatically promote referral programs and services.

Empower Clients

Enable them to book their own appointments easily.

Save Money & Time

Use proven best-practice marketing on auto-pilot to save money & time.


See how texting can solve your business needs

What do our clients say?

Tiffany Franklin

Tiffany Franklin

Valley Ranch Taekwondo

Texting has really improved how we service our customers and manage our classes. It allows us to be more responsive to customer questions, concerns while promoting our programs. In the end it is all about keeping our customers happy!

Lisa Tennant

Lisa Tennant

Tennant Lawn Care

``From the beginning, so many of my customers told us they prefer texts for our communications. I have been thrilled with the response!``

Nick Maldanado

Nick Maldanado

Toro Taxes

``I have a number of different businesses and I am so impressed with this platform that I am rolling out this service to them as well``