Customer communication, timely service, and personalization are key elements for a successful beauty salon. Text marketing platforms can significantly enhance these aspects and drive the growth of your beauty business. 

Whether you’re reminding clients about their next appointment, shouting out your latest special offers, or giving custom beauty advice, text marketing platforms are your go-to for staying in touch. 

In this article, we will explore how salons use text marketing, as well as the 7 ways these platforms can benefit them.

How Salons Use Text Marketing 

Texting offers a simple yet effective way to reach out to clients. For hair salons, beauty salons, skincare clinics, and day spas, it’s a gentle way to remind clients about their appointments. But it should also fit seamlessly into their busy days.

Let’s explore how to make the most of these gentle reminders. 

Personalized Communication 

Consider sending text message reminders and adding a personal touch to show you value them beyond just a booking. 

For example, “Hi [Name], we’re excited for your pampering session on [Date] at [Time]. Remember to come makeup-free for the best facial experience!” 

After their visit, sending a follow-up message to ask about their experience shows you’re invested in their satisfaction, similar to checking in with a friend after a day out. 

Promotions and Offers 

Who doesn’t love feeling special? Offer your clients exclusive deals or last-minute discounts through text. And why not send them a little text celebrating their birthday or the anniversary of their first visit? “Happy Birthday, [Name]! We’ve got a special treat waiting for you at the salon.”

It’s the digital equivalent of birthday balloons – guaranteed to bring a smile. 

Seasonal Campaigns and Flash Sales 

If your hair salon has an unexpected opening or a new seasonal offer, consider texting your clients to fill any last-minute openings or share timely promotions. Texting’s immediate nature is great for keeping your clients updated and engaged with what’s happening at your salon. 

Building Trust and Loyalty 

Invite your clients to your loyalty program through a text or update them on their benefits, such as “Just one more visit for a free haircut!” Use texts to share beauty tips or advice as they offer value beyond an update and enrich your client’s day. 

Text Marketing Compliance for Salons 

When salons start sending text messages for promotions or appointment reminders, the first step is to ensure clients have agreed to receive them. 

Ensure everyone confirms ‘yes’ to your texts and is on the same page. If anyone changes their mind, they should be able to easily say “Stop” so they no longer receive messages with a simple reply. 

Following rules from laws like the TCPA in the U.S. is mainly about respecting your client’s privacy and their choice to hear from your business or not. These rules help ensure your clients only get messages they’re interested in. Stick to these simple principles and allow your salon to use text messages to keep your clients without crossing boundaries. 

How Salons Can Benefit from Text Marketing Platforms 

1. Streamlined Appointment Management 

Text marketing platforms can make managing salon appointments much easier, saving time and effort. They let businesses send out quick booking confirmations so clients always know their appointments are secured. 

Moreover, these platforms can be set up to send timely text message reminders about upcoming appointments. This constant communication can dramatically reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, helping to keep your schedule efficient and your revenue predictable.

Also, automated follow-up messages post-appointment can be used to thank customers for their visit while requesting a review, making them feel valued. A timely follow-up a few weeks later could ask them to set their next appointment leading to additional revenue. 

You can even gather feedback with these messages, opening the door to service improvement opportunities and fostering client relationships. 

Ultimately, the simplicity and immediacy of SMS provide a level of convenience and efficiency that not only benefits your business operations but also enhances the client experience.

2. Targeted Marketing Campaigns 

Text marketing platforms offer a powerful capability: client segmentation. When clients come in for appointments, get them to opt-in for text-only specials that might apply to the services they most use.

By categorizing your clients—such as their go-to treatments, how often they come in, or their past services—you can tailor your promotional messages to fit their interests. This approach helps ensure your clients receive offers and makes your marketing feel more thoughtful and less overwhelming. 

Furthermore, sending tailored messages demonstrates that you understand and value your clients’ preferences, which can improve engagement rates, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

This level of personalization can also make your messages stand out in a crowded communication environment, increasing the likelihood of your promotions being noticed and acted upon.

3. Increased Customer Engagement 

Staying connected with your customers is essential for any successful business. Text marketing platforms provide an outstanding opportunity to boost customer engagement by maintaining regular communication with your clients.

Text messages can be a great way to share valuable beauty tips, relevant industry news, promote flash sales, or announce new services.

Not only does this keep your salon top-of-mind, but it also helps establish your salon as a trusted source of beauty information. Over time, this level of engagement can strengthen customer relationships, improve retention rates, and even turn clients into brand ambassadors who recommend your salon to their network.

4. Promotion of Special Offers 

Special offers and discounts are powerful tools for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. Text marketing platforms allow you to communicate these offers directly and instantly.

Think about sharing a seasonal discount, announcing a new service, or rewarding loyalty program members through text. Texting gets your offers to your clients quickly, which might prompt them to act on these deals. 

Also, exclusive offers sent through text can make your clients feel appreciated, which may help boost their loyalty and encourage repeat visits. 

5. Personalized Customer Experience 

Nowadays, customers value and expect personalization. Text messaging platforms make it easy to provide a highly personalized customer experience. You can send birthday wishes or anniversary congratulations or even recommend services based on past bookings.

This personal touch can make customers feel valued and appreciated, fostering a deeper connection with your brand. Personalization can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Plus, personalized messages have been shown to have higher open and response rates, so they’re an effective tool for communication and marketing.

6. Gathering Valuable Feedback 

Collecting customer feedback is vital for the growth and continuous improvement of your salon business. Text marketing platforms can help streamline this process.

You can easily send out short SMS surveys or request service ratings. This direct and convenient form of communication can encourage more customers to share their feedback.

The feedback can help you better understand your clients’ needs and expectations, refine your services, improve customer satisfaction, and identify areas for improvement.

7. Boost Your Reviews 

Good reviews are essential for any salon’s growth. Consumers are increasingly checking reviews first before trying a new business.

When you send out a friendly text request asking for a review (include a picture of 5 stars) and include the link to your review site, it is convenient for your clients to easily do so. You will be amazed how many clients will leave you a review and help you increase your rankings.

rate us button with five stars animated picture

How to Implement Text Message Marketing for Your Salon 

Choose a Text Marketing Platform 

First, sign up with Textellent. A free trial lets you test out different ways of using texting. 

Before you start sending marketing texts, you must get explicit consent from your clients. You can do this through sign-up forms at your salon, on your website, or during the booking process.

Make sure to explain what kind of messages they’ll be receiving. 

Build Your Contact List 

Start compiling a list of clients who have opted in. Include essential information like mobile numbers and preferences if available.

Remember, quality over quantity—focused, engaged lists are more effective than large, disinterested ones. 

Segment Your Audience 

Divide your contact list into segments based on service preferences, frequency of visits, or even birthdays.

Tailored messages to specific groups can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates. 

appointment reminder messages

Create Your Messages 

Keep your texts short, sweet, and to the point. Send appointment reminders, special offers, or beauty tips to ensure your messages provide value to your clients.

Personalization can also make a big difference. 

Schedule and Send 

Plan and schedule your salon text message marketing. Timing is key—avoid sending SMS messages too early in the morning or late at night.

Monitor the frequency of your messages to avoid overwhelming your clients. 

Track and Analyze 

Use Textellent’s detailed reporting tool to track the success of your campaigns.

Look at metrics like open rates, response rates, opt-out, and conversion rates to understand what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Collect Feedback 

Don’t forget to ask your clients what they think of your beauty salon text messages.

This feedback can be invaluable for refining your approach and making your text marketing even more effective. 

Grow Your Salon with Smart Text Marketing Using Textellent

In a competitive industry like beauty and wellness, staying connected with clients is crucial. SMS marketing is a great way to handle appointments and send targeted messages to customers while ensuring they get personalized experiences.

Textellent capabilities

Looking to strengthen your client connections? Try text marketing with Textellent and see the difference it can make for your salon. 

Get started with a free trial or book a Demo consultation now to make your SMS marketing smarter and your client engagements stronger.


Using text marketing in the right way can improve your beauty salons and spas’ marketing strategy. This makes your clients feel special and keeps your salon on their minds. And connecting with your clients this way makes them more likely to book another appointment.

If you run any kind of beauty salon, you should consider adding text marketing to your strategy. Automated texting solutions like Textellent can help you stand out and stay close to your clients. Start exploring what this SMS platform can do for your business. 

FAQs About Text Marketing for Salons 

Is text marketing expensive for small salons? 

Not necessarily. Many text marketing platforms offer scalable pricing plans based on the number of messages sent or the size of your subscriber list, making it affordable for salons of all sizes. 

How often should I send marketing texts to my clients? 

Balance is key in an SMS marketing campaign. You want to keep your salon on their minds without overwhelming them. A good rule of thumb is 2 times a month, depending on your promotions and news. 

What if a client wants to stop receiving texts? 

Clients can opt-out by replying with a keyword like “STOP.” Ensure your system automatically updates to honor these requests promptly to maintain trust and compliance.