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    There are tremendous growth opportunities for the franchise model for the foreseeable future. The difficulty for franchises is to differentiate themselves among the many brands available. To attract new franchisees you need systems in place that will attract buyers to your brand – including marketing systems, internal protocols and management, support, and more. The organization that wins the franchisee buyer often results from the brand that has the most effective communication strategies in place and the best marketing support for these new buyers. There are two key ways texting can support franchisers. First, a business sms service designed with franchisors in mind can be an extremely responsive and personalized way to attract and nurture franchisee leads. Second, texting campaigns are a powerful marketing and customer service program to wrap into the overall marketing support programs offered to potential franchisees to grow their business.

    Attract New Leads Via A Catchy Keywords Sent To Easy to Remember Short Codes

    To support Fran Dev you can advertise  “text ‘Mybrand’ to 87000 for franchise info” in your social media posts, website landing pages, online & print ads, billboards, trade-show v medium to be non-intimidating and relatively novel. Once they text in the keyword, you are able to automatically send a personalized confirmation text from a local area phone number inviting them to text back and start a conversation. In addition, you can put them on a series of nurturing “drip” messages offering useful information and inviting a response text. Those leads that respond back with a text can be prioritized for a salesperson while the rest can be automatically nurtured without requiring human effort.

    This is a powerful way to get your prospects to opt-in to so that you can continue developing and qualifying them along the franchisee journey. Make sure you have a text message marketing solution that lets you combine the power keywords with short codes and long codes to make this a new channel that can really yield results.