In a real estate business, customer interaction and responsiveness are of prime importance. After all, the real estate industry involves a lot of client interaction:

  • understanding the customers’ requirements
  • recommending and shortlisting properties
  • engaging other realtors
  • resolving property issues, scheduling property viewings
  • meeting with contractors and inspectors
  • sharing further details and updates
  • and ultimately making the sale… among many other things
Real estate mobile app

It is also common for these interactions to be repeated over and over with prospective clients and third parties. Such conversations can be tedious for the realtors and the customers, but they are also critical for the realtors to win the clients’ trust and close the sale. Business texting solutions designed for service professionals can streamline these interactions while maintaining a record of the text conversations for legal purposes.

The easier the communication between the realtor and the customer is, the more seamless the customer experience (and closing the deal) will be. One way to make this communication easier for yourself and your customers is to adopt a business texting solution for your real estate business that includes the ability to send rich images, group texts, and integrate with your calendar.

How can real estate businesses use text marketing?

Using a business texting platform will help you keep in touch with active prospectsThrough texting, you can provide prospects with instant access to new listings and market news and also share real-time property updates. Further, using text messaging platforms can make scheduling property viewings as easy as tapping a link on the screen, hence saving you and your clients the time and hassle of sending messages or calling back and forth to schedule a property viewing.

Text marketing services will also allow you to offer your customers links to more details and video walk-throughs of their preferred and shortlisted properties. This is especially useful in times when social distancing is of utmost importance.

Texting for Real estate

To further strengthen your customer relationship, you can also send personalized birthday greetings, newsletters, and holiday tips to your prospects and clients throughout the year. Here, a text marketing platform will not only help your real estate business establish brand loyalty and keep you top of mind with your clients but will also prove helpful in getting referrals.

What are the benefits of getting online reviews?

First, a text marketing platform benefits real estate businesses like yours by allowing you to send short, informative, actionable text messages to your customers. These messages have a higher visual appeal and a higher response rate as compared to email drip campaigns and newsletters.

Second, a text messaging platform enables your business with a convenient and familiar method of 2-way dialog with your clients, contractors, and partners who are critical to the sale. Overall, the highlight of leveraging text marketing services for your real estate business is enhancing the sales experience and providing unmatched customer service.

Indeed, being successful in real estate demands being excellent in communicating with your customers and third parties involved in the sale and building strong relationships with them. In a world that requires quick responses, connecting over text messages is one of the most convenient forms of communication. Leverage and offer your clients that convenience by adopting a business texting service today. See how Real Estate Businesses Benefit From Text Marketing!