We’ve heard over and over that loyalty is critical for (small) businesses to sustain. But what does customer loyalty mean? How does customer loyalty really help businesses? How can a business build customer loyalty? How can a business texting service help you build customer loyalty? Keep reading to find out.

Building customer loyalty

What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is the continuous trust and interest that a customer has in your products and services. If you are a hairdresser, then your customer will come only to you and refer only you for any hairdressing needs. If you provide financial services, then your customer will approach only you and recommend only you for any financial services. That’s customer loyalty. Texting can help you build and maintain that loyal connection since it is a more personal and intimate communications channel as contrasted to email and print mailers.

How does customer loyalty help businesses?

Customer loyalty brings businesses many benefits: repeat customers, new customers through further references and recommendations, and of course, increased brand awareness. With texting, you can regularly reach out to your customers with personal tips and recommendations based on their purchase history with you. Building customer loyalty is especially important for small businesses due to their limited reach and target audience.

How can small businesses build customer loyalty?

  • Provide quality service & products: The first and foremost criteria that a customer considers to be loyal to you is the quality of your products & services. By sending personalized texts throughout the customer journey, you can make sure they receive the promised quality of products & services that will meet their expectations. Consider sending your customers an order confirmation, personalized delivery or pick-up information, tips for use of your products, and more so they know how important they are to you. Focus on the customer’s post-sale experience too. You can ask them to rate their experience via text and request that they leave you a review by texting them a link. Show your customers why you are worth their loyalty!
  • Appreciate your customers’ loyalty: Based on your business & industry, you may want to consider a loyalty program. Many small businesses offer monthly credits and benefits such as “Buy three, get one free.” Text them about your specials so they don’t miss out. Appreciate your customer’s loyalty by offering bonuses for frequent purchases. Don’t forget to keep them apprised via text on the status of their loyalty problems: “Hi Jane – This is a reminder that you’ve still got a $50 credit to shop with us!” This can be achieved with text messaging for customer service.

Offer long-term customers some exclusive benefits: Loyalty programs are great – how about taking the rewards for your long-term customers up a notch? Provide your customers with exclusive benefits: early access to new products & services, early-bird discounts, exclusive special launch event invites, etc. Engage your customers by using a business texting service and reward their loyalty!

Be humane & compassionate: These days, people like to associate themselves with the brand’s ethics and values, not just products. So, as a business, be humane and compassionate. Engage with your customers in the real world and virtual world, and build more intimate relationships with your customers.

Communicate regularly & strategically: Finally, don’t be afraid to communicate with your customers – as long as you don’t overdo it! Thank them for visiting your store. If they haven’t purchased from you in a while, tell them you miss them! Update them on what your business is working on, get feedback on their experience, and conduct surveys. Keep your customers in the loop and consider texting a great channel to do that.

Customer Loyalty program example

How can a business texting service help you build customer loyalty?

Now that you know that building customer loyalty has a lot to do with customer communication, it’s time you consider how you can make this communication seamless. The best way is a texting service for small businesses. Texting is easy, straightforward, hassle-free, and of course, saves your customers (and your employees) a lot of time!

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