Customer surveys are one of the most effective ways for you to understand your customers – their likes, concerns, and expectations. When you use texting to conduct these surveys, it helps you identify problems for existing customers before they get out of hand, allowing you to get good reviews and testimonials that bring in new customers. Along with this, text surveys will also bring you greater participation and much faster response compared to phone surveys and emails.

What are the benefits of getting online reviews?

Customer satisfaction survey

Engage your customer into thinking about your brand

Sending a survey is a good way to keep your brand in the minds of the customer and relive their experience of purchasing from you and using your products. If their experience has been good, it can get them thinking about your product again and maybe refer it to friends.

Gain knowledge about your customers’ experience

Surveys give you more insights into your customer with a simple survey. Since most surveys are detailed, this is your chance to make it simple using texting and increase the likelihood that they will take a few moments to respond and invite them to leave comments. This helps you improve your customer’s experiences and learn what is top of mind with them.

Identify customers you can target to leave good reviews

Text survey to customers

Based on the survey results, you can identify the customers who are most likely to give you good reviews and follow up with them accordingly. Shortlist the best and ask for reviews!

Turnaround unhappy customers before they leave bad reviews

Studies show that a customer that had a problem that was turned around to a good experience is far more likely to tell others good things, as compared to those that simply have a good experience from the outset. By conducting a survey, you can identify the customer’s problems, solve their problem, and get a positive review from them!

Although customer surveys have many benefits, getting responses can be very challenging. By using texting for surveys, it is not uncommon to receive response rates of 25% and higher.

Text surveys are short and immediate and hence are more likely to get a response. 

Here’s how you can Easily Text a Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Ask your customers to rate their experience from 1-5:

Using a business texting solution, ask customers to rate their experience by simply responding with a 1-5 grade and inviting them to add additional comments. This is the most convenient and efficient method to get a snapshot of your customer’s experience and accordingly decide the next steps.

Based on the customer’s response, take either of these actions:

Received a poor rating? Follow up with the customer immediately, get detailed feedback, understand their concerns, and solve their problem. Send them a personalized survey accordingly, one that gets feedback on their concerns.

Received a good rating? Send them a text thanking them and ask if they wouldn’t mind leaving you a review. You can include a link to your review site to make it easy for them.

Referrals? After that, you could follow up with a special offer if they may be willing to provide referrals or a testimonial.

There’s a unique benefit in using a text message customer service like Textellent to conduct customer surveys: the platform uses artificial intelligence to identify negative sentiment in any text comments left. This instantly flags the comment for the customer service team to review, allowing you to identify and address bad experiences quickly.

If you’re ready to Easily Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys, reach out to a text messaging platform today!