Nowadays, a text message is read almost immediately—that’s the power of SMS! Unlike emails, which can easily get lost in an overflowing inbox, texts tend to get immediate attention.

But growing your SMS subscriber list isn’t just about reaching more people. You should be able to make more meaningful connections with your customers.

In this article, we’ll go over how you can grow your SMS list effectively and use it to enhance your relationships with customers. Ready to see how a few well-placed texts can make a big difference? Let’s get into it.

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The Importance of Growing SMS Subscriber List

A strong subscriber list gives you a direct line to your audience. SMS immediately puts your message in their hands, whether you’re offering a flash sale, reminding them about an appointment, or sending a personal thank you note for a recent purchase.

This immediacy can drive engagement, boost sales, and enhance customer loyalty. With SMS, you can update your audience in real-time, which is crucial during product launches or unexpected store closings.

Understanding the importance of a strong SMS subscriber list for businesses is just the beginning. Now, let’s enhance our strategies with these effective tips on how to grow your SMS subscriber list.

10 Tips on How to Grow SMS Subscriber List

Growing your SMS subscriber list can boost your marketing efforts, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales. Here are some practical tips to help you expand your subscriber list:

1. Use Sign-up Forms and Checkout

You probably already have sign-up forms on your website—maybe for an inquiry, a newsletter or a special download. Adding an SMS subscription option is great for SMS sign-ups. 

Just add a checkbox that website visitors can tick to receive updates via text. Keep it simple with something like,”Yes, you can communicate with me using text messaging” or  “Yes, send me text updates for exclusive deals and news!”

2. Require SMS for Contest Entries

First, make sure your contest rules are concise and clear. Specify that entering the contest requires participants to provide their SMS number, which will be used to send them updates, offers, and possibly contest results.

Next, keep the entry process as simple as possible. You can use your existing business line or shortcode that participants can text to enter. For example, you can promote, “Text WIN to 12345 to enter our contest!”

When participants text to enter the contest, follow up with an automated confirmation message that includes an opt-in confirmation for future messages. Ensure that the prize or the promise of the contest is compelling enough to encourage sign-ups.

Once the contest is over, keep the engagement going. Send a follow-up message to all participants thanking them for their participation.

3. Use Influencer Codes

Start by finding influencers who resonate with your brand and have a strong relationship with their followers. Look for those whose audience aligns with your target market.

Then, assign unique text codes for each influencer. This allows you to track each performance 

and see the most effective partnerships. For example, if you’re working with an influencer named Lucy, the text code might be “LUCY20.”

Have influencers promote these text codes on their social media platforms, blogs, or through content they create. They might post, “Text LUCY20 to 12345 to join and receive exclusive deals!”

Track the number of subscribers each code brings in and the engagement levels of more SMS subscribers. Once followers have signed up, keep them engaged with regular updates, exclusive offers, and personalized messages.

4. Offer SMS Incentives

Offer exclusive discounts only to those who subscribe to your SMS updates. For example, you could offer a 10% or 20% discount on the next purchase just for signing up.

You can also give your SMS subscribers early or exclusive access to sales, new products, or events by subscribing to text marketing. Create giveaways and contests that are exclusive to your subscribers. Entry could be as simple as signing up for SMS alerts, and you can increase engagement by encouraging subscribers to reply via SMS to enter.

You can also provide additional points for actions taken through SMS prompts, like visiting your store or reviewing a product. When your customer first signs up, send special rewards, automated birthday text messages, or an anniversary greeting. 

This personal touch can significantly enhance subscriber satisfaction and reinforce the value of staying on your SMS marketing list.

5. Build a VIP Club

Start by deciding what special perks your VIP club will offer. This might provide unique savings, early bird product releases, VIP event invitations, or customized offerings.

Then, determine how customers can qualify for the VIP club. You might set it based on spending thresholds, frequency of purchases, or even through a referral program. Clearly outline how one can become a member and maintain their status in the club.

Send updates and exclusive deals to your VIP members via SMS. Organize special events only open to VIP members, such as previews of new products, special sales events, or even virtual meet-ups with special guests.

6. Ensure Proper SMS Opt-In

Make it clear to your users what they are signing up for. Use simple language that specifies they want to receive your brand’s SMS messages. Avoid using jargon and other complicated terms that might confuse your subscribers.

You may also consider implementing a double SMS opt-in process. After the initial sign-up, you send a confirmation SMS asking the subscriber to verify their intent to join the list by replying with a keyword like “YES” or clicking a link.

Additionally, maintain records of consent from all subscribers. Documentation should include the subscriber’s phone number, opt-in date, and the method used for obtaining consent.

7. Convert Email Subscribers to SMS

Start by highlighting the advantages of SMS subscriptions in your regular email newsletters. Explain that SMS subscribers might receive faster updates, exclusive SMS-only offers, immediate notifications about sales, and other unique benefits unavailable through email.

Then, provide a strong incentive for email subscribers to join your SMS list. This could be a special discount code, early access to sales, or a chance to win a prize if they sign up for SMS alerts. Make the offer enticing enough to prompt immediate action.

Include a simple and clear opt-in link or form in your emails that subscribers can use to sign up for SMS messages. Ensure that the sign-up process involves minimal steps. For instance, you can have them simply reply to an SMS or fill out a brief form to activate their subscription.

8. Reward Referrals

Develop a structured referral program where existing subscribers can earn rewards for each new subscriber they refer. Choose rewards that are attractive and relevant to your subscribers. 

This could be discounts, cash back, gift cards, or exclusive access to products or services.

Provide a unique referral code or link that subscribers can easily share with friends and family. 

Keep your subscribers informed about their referral progress and any additional incentives or changes in the program.

9. Advertise on Multiple Channels

Use your business’s social media platforms to promote your SMS list. Create engaging posts highlighting subscribing benefits, such as exclusive offers or instant updates.

Use both organic posts and paid ads to reach a broader audience. Stories and live sessions can also be effective as they allow you to communicate with your audience and encourage sign-ups in real-time. 

If you have physical retail locations, use in-store signage with a keyword like “JOIN”,  a QR code, and digital screens can be used to encourage customers to sign up for SMS alerts. Door hangers and truck wraps can also allow you to promote a keyword that prospects can use to opt-in.

10. Use The Right SMS Solutions

The platform should be user-friendly, allowing users to create, send easily, and schedule messages without extensive technical knowledge. It should also integrate with existing CRM software and other marketing tools.

As your business expands, so will your SMS marketing needs. Choose a solution that can grow rapidly with your business and handle increasing volumes of messages without a hitch.

An automated SMS solution that meets these criteria is Textellent.

Textellent lets you sort your audience based on different factors, like how they’ve interacted with your business before or their specific interests in receiving SMS alerts.

If you often send similar messages, Textellent’s automated campaigns and ready-made templates can save you time and effort. You can set things up once and let the system handle the repetitive work, whether sending out reminders or promotions.

It’s important to know how well your text messages are performing. Textellent provides detailed reports showing whether your messages were delivered and how people responded to them. This helps you see what’s working and what might need a tweak.

Grow Your Subscriber List With An Automated Texting Solution

Enhance your SMS marketing efforts with Textellent and see how easy it is to grow your subscriber list. Textellent integrates smoothly with your existing tools, automating new subscriber signing up and scheduling messages. 

There is no more hassle with manual processes—everything works together seamlessly.

Textellent makes scheduling easy when interacting with customers. Its rules-based texting makes communication smoother and more effective. 

Why choose Textellent? Our features are designed for your success:

  • Easy SMS Opt-Ins with Business Phone Numbers or Shortcodes: Quickly grow your list with simple opt-in shortcuts.
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  • Powerful API Integration (via Zapier): Automate your workflows seamlessly with custom rules.
  • Versatile Tagging System: Organize contacts by events, history, preferences, and customer journey stages.
  • Flexible Bulk Messaging: Send messages en masse or schedule them for future delivery.

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FAQs About Growing SMS Subscriber List

How can I legally grow my SMS subscriber list?

Obtain explicit consent before sending messages to ensure compliance with laws like the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) in the U.S. Always provide a clear opt-in mechanism and make it easy for subscribers to opt-out anytime.

What types of content work best for SMS marketing?

Short, clear, and direct SMS marketing messages work best. Include calls to action, such as links to your website or instructions to reply. Promotions, updates about loyalty programs, and personalized offers based on past purchases are very effective.

How do I measure the success of my SMS marketing campaigns?

Use key performance indicators like delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and the growth rate of your subscriber list. Most SMS platforms provide analytics tools to track these metrics.