More than ever, we are using virtual technologies to communicate with one another – personally and professionally. Additionally, work/life balance is becoming more top of mind in our society as we emerge from our pandemic behaviors. As interest in proper skin care, overall hygiene, and maintaining a healthier lifestyle continues to grow, businesses that nurture relationships with existing customers and market these services regularly are poised to benefit. These top 3 services and more are ideally suited to bringing the customer back again and again. Salons and wellness businesses can further capitalize on these trends with Business Texting Campaigns for Spas and Salons. Texting campaigns can be a new communication tool for bringing new customers in the door and developing more repeat business. Benefit from the personal-care trend with SMS and MMS promotions to streamline lead generation, customer service, booking, billing, appointment confirmations, and more.

Top 3 beauty services

How does Business Texting compare to other communication channels?

According to Gartner, no other messaging medium compares to SMS for reach (98%) and response rates (45%). Altogether that means impressive conversion rates that are low cost & high engagement.

Texting communications is easy to use, and you can launch your first campaign in minutes!

  • Launch mass or drip campaign for pennies per contact
  • Use tags/labels to segment your list to allow the personalization of messages/offers based on customer preferences – see examples below.
  • 90% of texts grab attention on average within 3 minutes of receipt
Infographic for personal spa and salon sms campaigns

20 Texting Campaigns for Spas and Salons for Growing Their Business:

Use Texting for Lead Generation and Nurturing Campaigns:

Texting can help you build your prospect list and ensure you don’t accidentally neglect those new leads! Make it easy to nurture new leads by automatically sending personalized text messages to leads who have requested more information or set up a consultation. This way, you can instantly engage with a potential customer before they move on to another service provider, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience. See examples you can borrow:

 Attract New Clients with New Customer Text Coupons

1. Attract New Clients with New Customer Text Coupons


Hello Beautiful! [Customer Name], thanks for visiting our website and completing our inquiry form. Here’s a special New Customer discount for your first visit! Click this link to book your appointment by January 31st!

2. New Customer Welcome


[Customer Name}, nothing means more than welcoming our new customers and providing them with excellent service! Please accept this FREE gift (with or for) your next service to show our appreciation.

Use Promotional Campaigns and Text Marketing Services for Spas & Salons, Effectively

Text marketing is an excellent way for spas and salons to engage with customers and prospects. Spas and salons can get important information about their business out through targeted text message marketing campaigns. Additionally, spas and salons can offer discounts on their first service when booked! See text message marketing examples for Salons and Spas:

appointment scheduling text messaging examples for spas and salons
example of sms marketing for hair salon

3. Special Event Invitation with link to RSVP


Hi [First Name]! We’re hosting a [event name] event at [business name] to help [nonprofit name or cause]. There will be refreshments, giveaways, celebrity guests, and more! This is a chance to highlight the beauty in all of us! RSVP by [date] — we hope to see you there!

4. Seasonal and Holiday Promo Text Coupons


[Customer First Name], you don’t want to miss this! A popular local dermatologist will be hosting a FREE seminar about the latest in anti-aging and cell regeneration here on [date] at [time]. Space is limited so confirm your attendance by texting ANTIAGING to [campaign short code] today!

5. Send Beauty & Spa Tips via Automated SMS Campaigns


Brrrr, it’s cold outside! Here are a few hair care tips to keep your hair healthy—even when it’s freezing outside! First, lower the water temperature when washing your hair and decrease heat styling. Also, apply an oil treatment or deep conditioner once weekly to prevent breakage.

Remember, we can help with deep conditioning service for only $85! Book your appointment today! {Link}

6. Product Promotions to increase sales


Thank you for your business! We appreciated your purchase of our skincare products and wanted to let you know that other customers also purchased the following complimentary products link. We’re offering you a special deal to buy all 3! Click the link to visit our store, view these additional products, and enter BUY2GET1FREE at checkout to save on your purchase. [link]

How to Gain Customer Loyalty, Reviews, and Referrals using Business Texting

Building customer loyalty, encouraging referrals, and gathering positive online reviews are essential when working in the wellness industry. A business texting solution can certainly help you with that! See how:

7. Enhance Customer Service Using Direct, Two-Way Messaging

Customer Service Using Direct, Two-Way Messaging


Got A Question? Need A Quick Answer? Our customer success team is only a text away. Text your question to 123-123-1234 and receive an answer in minutes!

8. Customer Loyalty Program


We’re excited to welcome you to our VIP Program. [Customer Name] every time to purchase a service, you earn points towards free services and prizes. You’ve just earned 50 points for signing up! See you soon.


9. Refer-A-Friend Discount Promotion


Hello [customer’s name], welcome to the [salon/spa name] family. Let’s share happiness! Refer a friend or family, and they’ll get a [discount %] on their first purchase. And as a thank you to you, after they’ve completed their purchase, you’ll get a [discount %] on your next purchase.

10. Customer Satisfaction Survey Request with link to Survey


Hello [Customer Name], you recently visited our [salon/spa], and we’d like you to rate our performance and the likelihood that you will refer us to your friends and family. Please take a moment to fill out this short Survey. It really means a lot to us and helps us continue to meet the needs of our customers. Thanks so very much! [link]

11. Review us on Google, Facebook, etc. Request

Review us on Google, Facebook, etc. Request


Hi, [Customer Name]. Thanks for allowing us to provide you with excellent service today. Please share your experience with a review on [Google]. It helps spread the word and makes our staff proud to be a part of what makes you smile!

12. Birthday Greetings & Life Event Messages


It’s Your Birthday [Customer Name], and we’re so excited to help you and a few friends celebrate! Our Birthday Package includes services for you and 3 of your closest friends, champagne (or a comparable beverage of your choice), a charcuterie board, and birthday cake! Savings of $200+ off regular prices.

Text Messaging Examples for Appointments and Scheduling

Appointment scheduling for spas and salons has always been challenging! But there’s a solution! You can send clients a quick text with a link to book their preferred time, practitioner, and service. After booking, an automated SMS confirmation can notify them of the appointment details. Drip campaigns can also be used to send automatic follow-up invitations for future appointments. Make sure your clients have a stress-free experience by sending them reminders about what to wear and any preparations or in-take forms that may need to be made or completed before their visit. See examples of the messages you can use in your SMS campaigns for Spas & Salons:

salon and spa sms campaign booking drip campaign

13. Appointment Confirmation with a link to add the appointment to the customer’s calendar


[Customer Name], you’re all set! Click this link to add this appointment to your calendar. We’ll remind you of your appointment 24 hours prior.  

14. Appointment Reschedule Notifications


It’s okay! We understand that life happens [Customer Name]. Unfortunately, you missed your appointment, but you can reschedule by clicking the link below.

15. Reduce No-Shows Salon & Spa Policy Reminders


We look forward to seeing you at your appointment on Thursday at 11:30 am. If, for any reason, you can’t make it, avoid no-show fees by calling 123-123-1234 and canceling the appointment 24 hours before the appointment time.   

16. Slow Day? Drive Last-Minute Bookings with a Text Blast


Hey [Customer Name], we’ve had a couple of cancellations! Want to book a last-minute appointment? Call or text [123-123-1234] for availability information. 

Text to get Payments

Text messaging services provide an automated way to text payment & billing updates, reminders, and more to your clients, altogether saving you valuable time on administrative tasks and allowing you to focus on important things. Examples of how you can use texting for billing:

payment text message example for spa and salon use

17. Add Text Messages to Booking and Billing Processes


Oops [Customer Name]. Your monthly tanning subscription is overdue and pending suspension. We love having you as a customer. For your convenience, please pay by clicking the link.

18. Spa Membership/Subscription Payment & Renewal Reminders


Thank you for using our services for the past year! Quick reminder that you’ve chosen the automatic renewal option. Your subscription will renew for [amount] on [date]. If you wish to remain with your current plan, no action is required.

SMS Campaigns for Spas & Salons to Drive Social Media Engagement:

Social media is an invaluable tool for spas and salons to reach customers, build relationships, and boost sales. Utilizing these text message marketing strategies allows businesses to build their social media following and stand out among competitors and provide customers with creative content that increases engagement:

SMS Campaigns for Spas & Salons to Drive Social Media Engagement

19. Social Media Post Announcement (Catch our latest makeover on TikTok)


Our latest TikTok Makeover has been viewed over [x] times! Click the link to see how we took our client from long and limp to luxurious curly bob! Don’t forget to Follow us, so you don’t miss our makeovers and personal care tips.

20. Social Media Connection Request


We’re thrilled that so many of our customers connect with us on all our social media platforms. Don’t Miss Out. Get Connected. Join The Fun. It’s fast and easy; just click the links. [Facebook] [Instagram] [TikTok] [Pinterest]

Finally, Take advantage of the best business texting application today

Business Texting campaigns effectively allow Spas and Salons to take further advantage of the current trends in personal-care services. Businesses can use SMS and MMS promotions to enhance each step of their overall customer journey. So, try out these campaigns today for your Spa or Salon to benefit from all that text messaging for spas and salons has to offer!