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Carol Thomas   (Los Angeles, CA)

Textellent is a great platform to keep clients aware of services plus the added value of sending a text to say thank you or happy birthday is just good way to make customers feel that they are important to the company.

Greg Younts  (TaxSavers Tax & Financial Services LLC | Las Vegas, NV)

We enjoy the ability to keep in touch with our clients ALL year long! It’s easy and cost effective. Reminding folks of missing paperwork and getting their attention has never been easier! And now we are launching our tax resolution business and plan to utilize it for that too!

Charlie Kantasingh (All Type Taxes Inc. | Jamaica, NY)

We just sent a nice Mother’s Day greeting to our clients. Already got a lot of happy responses. One of my past clients responded back who I hadn’t heard from in a couple of years! Talk about revitalizing client relationships! We couldn’t be happier with the service.

Marie Ferdilus  (All People Tax | Miami, FL)

My clients love receiving text messages with pictures from us throughout the year. Sending the nice texts for Mother’s Day, July 4th, Happy Halloween and Happy Holidays is such a great way to keep in touch and staying “top of mind” with my clients all year long!

Cheryl S.  (Henderson, NV)

We really like this service and so do our clients. This is a great way to ‘lightly touch’ the clients and send nonintrusive texts. Thanks!

Naomi H.  (Los Banos, CA)

I have been using Textellent for a few months now. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it because I am not all that tech savvy. But the set up was so simple and I was walked through it step by step.
I have had fantastic response from my clients! Most all have texted me back to thank me for birthday greetings and a few called me directly because they were to pleased that we remembered!
Also, my off-season business has picked up from these clients remembering me and referring friends and family to our office. So far, this is the most cost effective marketing tool I have tried. It saves me time and money and I know my customer contacts are consistent, on time and professional.

Linda B.  (Castle Rock, CO)

I have used this service for several months and am very pleased with the results. I have received many return texts from customers thanking me for the birthday greetings. I have received quite a bit of business through these texts. It is a friendly reminder that I am here and ready to help them.

Deb G.  (San Rafael, CA)

I have only been using it for a couple weeks and already customers are so pleased when they see a text from me personally, they are so thankful. The reminders to call us for an appointment are also great.

Giselle R.  (Hampton, VA)

Actually today one of my customers came in and she was so emotional. She said that receiving a text made her feel like we cared and that she was more than just a customer. She said that she will never go anywhere else to do her taxes. Several of my customers came in and told me that they did because they got my text. I could go on and on.

Jennifer Hearn  (Los Angeles, CA)

By utilizing Textellent our clients were communicating with us more than ever during the Tax season and during the off-season that we saw a definite increase in our business compared to last Tax season..

David Riggs  (Accounting Services of York | York, PA)

We have really enjoyed Textellent and so have our clients. Our clients love the convenience of Textellent too. Many have even text us to schedule appts! We love that Textellent is automated! So easy to use. We don’t have to remember our client’s birthdays and reminder dates. And we save so much money by sending automated texts vs. doing postcards, or even phone calls!

Tony Motley  (Valley Stream, NY)

Thanks for giving us the ability to keep in touch with our clients ALL year long! Our clients tell us that they love how easy it is to contact us at any time (even during off-season). The best marketing dollars I’ve spent this year in terms of impact on my clients.

Alejandro Riojas  (RBS | Laredo, TX)

Being able to automatically send Prior Year client reminders to last Tax season clients without having to remember…is so great! My previous clients come back each year now more than ever!

Clarence J.  (Severn, MD)

I used the text marketing service and found it to be highly effective, definitely much superior to anything else I have tried for this purpose. I was guided through the initial setup over a phone call which took just one hour. After that the service pretty much ran on it’s own. I kept on receiving happy and thankful replies from my clients almost every day. I have a great business sense but I don’t consider myself too technical. The good news was, I didn’t need to be technical at all! The service worked as a dedicated, trust worthy staff member on my team who didn’t need any supervision or hourly wage for that matter. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Connie O., CPA  (Bedford, TX)

I have been very pleased to see the outstanding results from Textellent. My clients are so appreciative of receiving a text on their birthdays.

Garry H.  (Fremont, CA)

I’m very pleased with it. There were other benefits from the service beyond just bringing the customers. Many customers thanked me and promised to come next year.

Tanka R.  (San Mateo, CA)

Thanks. Texting is working well, very well I should say. My retention is up and clients are coming earlier in the season which is great.

Joel N.  (Stockton, CA)

I thank your service for the positive response it generated from my clients. I cannot measure the value in exact dollar amount but I do feel it is better than other texting services. I do believe this service is a must for all franchisees. I will spread the word.

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