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    Franchise Focus Textellent was founded by Franchise veterans who understood the needs of franchisors as well as franchisees. Franchisors want to ensure that their franchisees are compliant with industry texting regulations and use brand-appropriate messaging. Yet, franchisees need to be able to develop some of their own localized campaigns. Textellent has developed a solution that balances those objectives with advanced capabilities. Franchise businesses have specific needs that span many locations and owners with multiple units. Textellent uniquely serves that business model.

    Revolutionize Your Business with Textellent’s Dynamic Features for Franchise Organizations

    Textellent transforms customer interactions and engagement through text messaging and marketing services, proving to be a reliable partner for businesses seeking success in today’s competitive digital landscape. Our text messaging solution serves all stages of the customer cycle, including sales and revenue, marketing and promotions, customer service, and support. Textellent also serves internal business purposes as well, such as franchisor to franchisee communications and franchise development.

    Our comprehensive suite of services offered with our Franchisor Module caters to franchisors of all sizes while making it easy to design, publish, and manage campaign templates of all kinds to share with franchisees. Franchisor marketing and operations teams can even execute campaigns on behalf of franchisees. These kinds of marketing tools can help attract new franchisees and save franchisee owners time in promoting their own local campaigns.

    Engage and Captivate Your Audience

    • Standardize messaging across your franchise network with template and media libraries that can be shared across your system, providing franchisees with access to a variety of pre-approved text templates and images for promotions, events, auto-replies, and more.
    • Respond and Track Customer Engagement: Swiftly respond to customer inquiries, whether they come in through keywords, form fills, or other sources with relevant, context-based auto-response capabilities, and effortlessly track the links that get more traction in your offers to measure success. Utilize compliant opt-in programs with system-generated responses supported by AI. The system even employs sentiment analysis to auto- unsubscribe recipients when negative language is detected, ensuring brand protection.

    Streamline Operations and Build Lasting Connections

    • Schedule and Manage Appointments End-to-End: Simplify appointment scheduling and reminder processes, eliminating “no-shows” and providing convenience for both staff and customers. Ensure system-wide compliance and support by using text blast credit pooling for franchises. Empower franchisees to utilize additional messaging credits for special programs.
    • Send Post-Sales Messages: Foster post-sales relationships by sending personalized messages asking for feedback or scheduling the next appointment, ensuring a lasting connection with your customers.
    • Automate the request for reviews process using text-based review requests, linking recipients to your review portals. This seamless process can be automated after a service is complete or initiated on the spot by on-site service personnel through the mobile app.

    Automate and Enhance Customer Communication

    • Text-Enable Existing Phone Numbers: Empower your business by text-enabling current phone numbers already in your customers’ contact list, creating a seamless channel for customer communication.
    • One-to-one Messaging: Use texting from the local business number to send individual updates to a customer or answer customer questions. The platform offers templates for frequently asked questions with media-rich text templates for standardized messaging across the franchise network.

    Elevate your business communication strategy with Textellent’s comprehensive features. Explore the power of automated processes, compliance-driven engagement, and consistent messaging across your franchise network. Watch your business thrive as you engage customers and build lasting connections in the digital era.

    Choose Textellent for a seamless and robust solution that adapts to your business

    Whether you are an emerging brand or a well-established, experience these benefits:

    • Impressive Customer Retention Rate: Boasting a 97% customer retention rate, Textellent ensures long-term partnerships with your customers.
    • Full-Fledged Appointment Scheduling Module: As the only company offering a comprehensive appointment scheduling module, that integrates with texting at every step, Textellent enhances your operational efficiency.
    • User-Friendly Services: Our services are designed for ease of use, featuring best-in-class automation and campaigns that elevate the customer experience.
    • End-to-End Support and Insights: Receive legendary customer service at every stage, coupled with insightful metrics that track campaign status, communication, and customer responses.
    • Seamless Integration and API Capabilities: Enjoy seamless integration with thousands of applications, thanks to Textellent’s advanced APIs.

    Dive into this exclusive interview with Franchise Supplier Highlight, where our VP of Marketing, Laura Thompson, recently shared insights into Textellent. This marks a pivotal moment in our journey, shedding light on the unique aspects that make Textellent a preferred choice for franchises seeking innovative marketing solutions.

    Explore more about Textellent through the Franchise Supplier Highlight interview here. Elevate your customer engagement and business success with Textellent’s innovative approach to digital marketing.

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