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    The recruiting space is a challenging one. Every single day, recruiters need to juggle potential employers and candidates, often with the same person multiple times a day. This process becomes more challenging when recruiters need to maintain a level of personalization that makes each employer or candidate feel like they are receiving special attention. Emails often get missed in these exchanges, and recruiters need a more timely and personal communication channel that reflects the more personal nature of the job search.

    This is where business texting for recruiters comes in. Texting is a more intimate medium of communication than emails, and it also has a significantly higher open rate than emails — 99% of texts are read within 90 seconds. Using texting, recruiters can send automated text blasts and campaigns to keep everyone informed of new opportunities, while also building a strong relationship with employers and candidates.

    Here’s how business texting benefits recruiters:

    Illustration of business text conversation between recruiter and candidate

    Recruiters can instantly share relevant new opportunities with employers and candidates by sending a short marketing text message. All the details can be shared in a URL, so the text message itself remains short and easy to read.

    Hi Jane, Thanks for your inquiry about this job posting. Here are the details of this opportunity: ABCRecruiters.Com/NewJobs. Please submit your application on our portal:

    Notify contacts of new searches to seek referrals

    As a recruiter, you may already have a large contact list of employers and candidates saved with you. Make use of this contact list by reaching out to them with new searches and referrals. Many candidates find out about jobs from their friends, so use a text messaging platform for recruiters to send them a text that they can easily forward to their friends.

    Hi Jane, we have just posted this great new opportunity: Do you know someone who might be a great candidate for this role?

    Invite candidates to schedule interviews with you easily and automatically send interview reminders

    Don’t spend even 5 minutes in a discussion about setting up an online meeting with your candidate. Simply send a short URL associated with your calendar to book a call with you, and save hours of back-and-forth every week!

    A Business Texting Solution also makes sending reminders easy — you can automate the process of sending candidates regular personalized reminders with your Zoom link. This helps reduce the chances of missed appointments. After the appointment, the right texting solution can even send a “Thank you” text and request any follow-up information you may need if you want to move forward with this candidate.

    Provide search feedback and updates

    Once you’ve reviewed an application or conducted an interview, you can share your feedback almost instantly with the candidate via text. Let them know where they stand and what are the appropriate next steps.

    Send career tips

    A good way to stay in touch with your contacts is to provide them with valuable information. As a recruiter, you can use a business SMS service to send career tips via infographics, perhaps a link to your newsletter, or useful industry articles. If you offer webinars on staffing topics, this is a great way to send out invites and generate RSVPs easily.

    The right business texting service will help recruiters avoid “chase” calls trying to connect with candidates and employers. This will save recruiters hours every week and bring a higher response rate than emails – while providing a personal touch. If you’re a recruiter, reach out to the best texting service today!