Accounting and tax firms can gain significant advantages by incorporating texting into their services. This guide outlines seven critical considerations for using texting to enhance client communication, streamline operations, and increase profitability. It emphasizes the role of efficient communication in improving service delivery and client relationships in the accounting sector.

Before diving into the world of texting for accounting and tax services, it’s crucial to obtain explicit consent from your clients. Privacy and security should always be a top priority. We recommend that you have your clients consent to texting with your in-take forms or service agreements explicitly permitting text communications. This not only ensures compliance with telecom regulations but also demonstrates your commitment to confidentiality.

Text messaging has become a ubiquitous mode of communication in today’s digital age. It’s fast, convenient, and often preferred by clients looking for quick responses. As an accounting and tax preparation firm, embracing text messaging as part of your communication strategy can have numerous benefits, from improving client relationships and retention to increasing your firm’s efficiency. We have seen firsthand how incorporating text messaging can help tax and accounting firms streamline their operations, save staff time, cut costs and even maximize billable hours.

Utilize Text Messaging Software

To streamline your text communications and make the most of texting for tax and accounting services, invest in a reliable text messaging software platform that works easily with your existing tax software. Textellent, for instance, offers a robust solution that works directly with all of the leading tax software packages on the market so that text messages can be sent automatically, yet personalized so that messages are relevant to the client. By using Textellent’s integration capabilities with your tax software, the client’s status and the status of their return is monitored so that every message sent is relevant to that particular client and the activities related to their tax return. NO sensitive financial data is ever used. Textellent simply uses the client’s name, cell phone number and checks the client’s tax status to know whether the client has started the tax return process, if there is any paperwork missing, etc and sends messages based on that information. All text messages can be sent from the business phone number used by the accounting and tax practice or from another number if that is more convenient. This way clients typically recognize the number immediately.

Easy to Implement Tax-Ready Communications

Using Textellent existing tax templates (which can be modified as needed by the accounting practice) messages are triggered by the status of the tax client.  For example, Textellent looks at the time the client came to you last year and will automatically send them a message inviting them to set an appointment with you or schedule a drop-off so that you can start working on their returns. Many of the templates include a professional-looking picture so they are very engaging to the client and have proven to drive action on the part of the client.

Textellent continues to monitor the status of that client and the return.  That means that if the client still hasn’t engaged your service yet, or if paperwork is missing, the return has been submitted or even if a refund is ready, messages can be sent automatically communicating with that client. Several reminders can be sent to try to get a client to come back or let them know you are waiting for some paperwork. These tax-focused templates will save you and your staff from many hours of tedious and repetitive phone calls chasing clients and each message is relevant to that particular client.  You can determine how many reminders your clients may need to get the process started or remind them of a scheduled appointment.

The system essentially acts like a virtual assistant communicating key information at the right time, so you and your staff don’t have to continue calling them or emailing them with updates. All messages are maintained so you can keep track of all client interactions. With Textellent’s platform you are able to organize your client conversations, automate routine and tedious tasks, and maintain a complete record of these communications. This level of organization and efficiency may even allow you to reduce the number of seasonal personnel you need to hire and increase job satisfaction with other members of your staff.

Optimize Appointment Scheduling

Efficiently scheduling appointments can significantly impact billable hours and staff time. Use texting to coordinate meeting times with clients, eliminating lengthy back-and-forth emails or phone calls. Textellent can support your existing scheduling tools and allow you to seamlessly integrate texting into your appointment booking process, making it easier for both your team and clients to manage your time effectively.

If you don’t yet have a scheduling tool, Textellent also offers an optional end-to-end integrated scheduling component that allows you to send a text with a link allowing clients to book their own appointments or, if preferred, your staff can book the appointments directly. That way confirmation texts and reminders can go out automatically and personalized for each client. This essentially making the booking process much easier and eliminates “no-shows” among your clients and preserves your billable hours.

Appointment scheduling is a critical aspect of accounting services, and it often involves a significant amount of time and effort. By incorporating texting into your scheduling process, you can streamline this task and reduce the administrative burden on your team. Textellent’s scheduling simplifies the entire process for both your firm and your clients. This increased efficiency also translates into improved client satisfaction.

Send Timely Communications

Late payments can be a recurring issue in the accounting industry. To address this challenge, utilize texting to send automated payment reminders. Textellent’s platform enables you to schedule payment reminders, reducing the risk of overdue invoices and helping your firm maintain a steady cash flow.

Provide Quick Answers to Client Queries

Clients often have questions or require assistance.  Utilize texting to provide quick answers to many of their inquiries. You can easily create templates for those most frequently asked questions, such as deadlines, directions, what to bring, etc. With Textellent’s messaging features, you can also send one-to-one messages to have a conversation via text without the need for a lengthy phone call and you still have a record of all those interactions which ultimately enhance client satisfaction and trust.

Obtaining More Client Reviews

Client satisfaction is a cornerstone of success in the accounting industry. Quick and responsive communication is essential for building and maintaining strong client relationships. By using text messaging as a channel for addressing client queries, you can provide timely assistance and information. This level of responsiveness fosters trust and loyalty, leading to long-term client retention and the willingness of clients to leave you great reviews. After a return is completed, many firms like to send a quick text request for a review by including a personalized note and the link to their appropriate review site. That makes it really easy for clients to click on the link and immediately leave you a nice review. It is also much less awkward compared to asking them face-to-face.  Reviews are increasingly important as the majority of potential clients will check reviews before engaging your firm.

Maintain Professionalism in Texting

While texting is a more casual form of communication, it’s still essential to maintain professionalism in all your interactions. We advise using proper grammar, punctuation, and tone in your messages. Avoid using slang, abbreviations or emojis that may be confusing to clients. A professional approach will reflect positively on your firm.

Text messaging software designed specifically for tax and accounting services will significantly enhance your communication capabilities allowing you to look more professional and service-oriented than others in your field. Embracing texting for tax and accounting services can be a game-changer for your firm’s productivity and client relationships. Effective text communication can transform the way your services are delivered. By considering these uses of texting, you can enhance your firm’s efficiency, improve client satisfaction, and ultimately maximize billable hours. So why wait? Start integrating texting into your accounting practice today and experience the benefits firsthand.

Remember, when it comes to texting for accounting services, Textellent is here to support your firm every step of the way. Our secure, user-friendly platform is designed to meet the unique needs of tax and accounting professionals like you. Reach out to us today to learn more about how Textellent can elevate your accounting services through the power of text messaging.