Multi-location businesses face unique challenges in maintaining consistent customer engagement across all sites. This article introduces seven texting methods proven to strengthen customer connections and drive sales, tailored for businesses with multiple locations. Learn how to coordinate campaigns effectively, ensuring consistent branding and ease of implementation across your enterprise.

Sending Location-Based Welcome Messages

First impressions matter, and a personalized welcome message can set the tone for your customer’s experience. When a customer submits a webform, texts in a keyword, signs up for your service, etc Textellent can immediately and automatically send them a warm welcome message from the most appropriate location with our Speed to Lead capability. This message can include the customer’s name and the name of the manager at the location that will serve them, again automatically. This not only makes customers feel valued but also lets them know who will be serving them. This provides an opportunity to introduce them to your brand with approved content and images, regardless of location, so that the local manager doesn’t have to create anything to respond to incoming leads.

In the world of multi-location businesses, ensuring that each customer feels appreciated and valued can be a challenge. However, by utilizing Textellent’s message templates and media library with brand-approved content, you can create a consistent and welcoming experience across all your locations. When a customer interacts with any location, they receive a brand approved,  friendly greeting that makes them feel immediately appreciated.

Distributing Brand Approved Content

The staff at headquarters can focus on creating compelling campaigns, message content and images that can easily be published and edited and shared with all locations with one click. This means that templates for frequently asked questions or local campaigns with rich graphic images are immediately available for local store managers when they login so they never have to worry about creating materials. This means they no longer have to think about creating these programs and instead allows them to simply focus on responding to customer inquiries for their location and supporting their customers using texting. Plus it ensures the quality of the materials are always brand compliant.

Executing Nationwide Campaigns

Many businesses run seasonal campaigns that they want all of most of their locations to use, but previously this might have become more complicated to execute at the local level given staffing levels, expertise, etc. Sometimes a specific location may not want or need to participate in a given campaign or  promotion. Perhaps they don’t offer the service that is being promoted. In that case, the headquarters may want to plan and execute a national campaign on behalf of most locations, but exclude a few locations. With a multi-site text blast, Textellent can easily support a national campaign that includes all or some locations with a single action. Even when sending out a national campaign, messages will be sent from the individual location’s phone number and can include the local manager’s name and that location’s purchasing link without any need to involve the local management. This can all be done automatically. No need for headquarters to upload individual lists or segments, etc.  It is all part of Textlellent’s robust multi-Site, enterprise capability set.

Location-Based Promotions

By publishing a variety of campaign templates for the use of franchises or local offices and stores, individual locations can make minor modifications to what headquarters provided and still send out their own campaigns too. Tailoring those templates to specific locations can be a powerful marketing strategy. With Textellent, individual locations can have access to a range of content and promotions that the headquarter team has assembled for them to use. This flexible approach increases the likelihood that various locations will take  advantage of these materials and not stray too far from the branding guidelines.

Multi-location businesses often struggle with creating promotions that cater to each branch’s unique customer base so this allows that to happen. However, Textellent’s library and template capabilities simplify this process.

Customer Feedback Surveys

Understanding your customers’ needs and preferences is essential for any business and needs may vary across locales.  Textellent enables you to send automated customer feedback surveys via text messages on behalf of local offices. This allows you to gather valuable insights into each location’s customer base and make necessary improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.

Textellent’s ability to support customer feedback surveys offer a valuable opportunity for multi-location businesses to collect honest opinions from their customers. By sending out automated surveys, you can gain insights into what works well and what needs improvement at each location. This data is invaluable for making informed decisions and ensuring that each branch maintains high customer satisfaction levels.

Encouraging Engagement with Coupons

Mobile coupons are a convenient way to incentivize customers to visit or purchase from a given location. Textellent lets you send visually rich coupons to customers. These coupons can be redeemed in-store, or on-line boosting sales for each of your participating locations.

One of the challenges that multi-location businesses face is ensuring that promotions and discounts reach their intended audience effectively. Textellent’s addresses by making sure the offer comes from the individual locations’ phone number and/ or includes that location’s micro-site link  so redemption can be quantified. Using tags applied by a CRM system or by Textellent locally makes sure that you are delivering discounts directly to customers who have shown interest in specific products or services. This targeted approach ensures that your promotions have a higher conversion rate, benefiting your locations.

Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

For businesses with a centralized appointment scheduling service, managing appointments efficiently is crucial. Textellent’s automated appointment confirmations and reminders can help reduce no-shows and improve overall customer satisfaction and these texts can once again be sent from the local business phone number to avoid any confusion. By sending timely reminders, you ensure that customers arrive on time, reduce the tedious calls needed by staff members and enhance the overall customer experience.

Real-Time Alerts

Timely communication is vital, especially in the event of unexpected changes or emergencies. Textellent offers real-time alert capabilities, allowing you to notify customers about location-specific updates, such as changes in operating hours, closures due to inclement weather, or special events. Keeping customers informed builds trust and loyalty.

Multi-location businesses often face the challenge of disseminating urgent information to customers across various branches. With Textellent’s real-time alert feature, you can send important updates instantly to all your customers or select specific branches. This ensures that your customers stay informed and can plan their visits accordingly, even in unforeseen circumstances. Templates anticipating these types of issues can be available for local managers to use. If some alert, like a terrible snow storm, is affecting an entire region, the staff at headquarters can quickly send a message on behalf of all the locations in that region indicating what action is being taken – whether for customers or employees.

Textellent offers a rich Enterprise and Franchisor Module that allows headquarters to easily manage all of these functions and more. Please reach out to speak to our experts at Textellent about how these capabilities can make it easier for you to roll-out new and exciting materials and campaigns to all of your locations, saving you and your various locations time and hassles.