SMS links are worth considering if you’re running a business and looking to improve your marketing efforts. 

These are clickable links that you can include in your text messages. They’re great for leading customers directly to your promotions, websites, or any online resource you want them to engage with.

In this article, we’ll explain SMS links, how they function, and why they could be a huge asset in improving your mobile marketing strategy. SMS links can have a huge impact if you’re looking to increase sales, gather customer feedback, or keep your audience engaged. 

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An SMS link (also called a click-to-text link) is a clickable HTML link you can include in a text message. When a customer taps on one of these links, they’re directly taken to a particular webpage or online destination. 

These links are valuable in SMS marketing as they can improve your call-to-action and help you track the success of your campaigns.

Adding links to your messages brings many benefits to the table:

Boost conversions 

With an SMS link, your customers can click through to your website, a special offer page, or any online resource you want them to visit. It’s a direct line from your message to the action you want them to take and boosts the chances that they’ll engage immediately.

Offers Convenience

Customers love convenience, and SMS links deliver just that. A tap on the link, and they’re exactly where they need to be, whether that’s completing a purchase, signing up for more information, or checking out a new product.

Trackable Interactions

One of the great things about an SMS link is the ability to track them. You can see how many people clicked, when, and what they did next. This info helps you understand what’s working and what’s not so you can tweak your campaigns for better results.


Texting is generally cheaper than phone-based customer service or sending physical mail. Each SMS message costs just a few cents; you can send bulk messages without breaking the bank.

Setting up click-to-text SMS links is a great way to connect with your audience directly on their mobile phones. Here’s a simple process to get these links ready using your SMS marketing platform:

  1. Open Textellent and create a new text message or campaign.
  2. Copy and paste the full URL that you want to include in the text message. If the URL is lengthy, consider using a link shortener.
  3. After inserting the shortened links, always ensure they look correct and function properly. Click on the links to verify that they direct to the intended webpage.
  4. Place the link strategically within your text to make it easily noticeable. If your SMS platform supports hyperlink text, set that up so the link appears as clickable text instead of a full URL.
  5. Before sending your message, review it to ensure everything looks clean and the link is prominently placed. 

SMS links can be a powerful tool in your marketing and communication strategy and offer a direct interaction with your customers. Here are some effective ways to use SMS links:

Promotions and Special Offers

Once you send a text that leads straight to an exclusive deal or a tempting discount code, your customers will feel like they’re given a VIP pass. This not only drives sales but also adds a sense of excitement and exclusivity.

Event Invitations

When customers receive your text, they’ll look for a personalized invitation to your upcoming event. Whether it’s an in-store sale, a new product launch, or a webinar, the link takes them straight to a page where they can see all the details and even RSVP or register on the spot.

Feedback and Surveys

Linking to surveys can help gather valuable customer feedback. People are more likely to respond when you make it convenient, which means you get more feedback to help improve your business.

Appointment Reminders

Include a link in your appointment reminder texts. Once customers tap on it, they’re taken to a page where they can see their appointment details and even have the option to reschedule or confirm right there and then.

Product Launches

When launching a new product, send links to the product page where customers can learn more and make direct purchases. Unlike emails that might sit unopened, a text grabs their attention immediately. It’s also more personal and feels like you’re sharing something exciting directly with them.

Loyalty Programs

Encourage sign-ups to your loyalty program by linking to the registration page. Customers will feel like they’re getting a direct nudge about the benefits they can claim, which keeps them connected and more likely to make repeat purchases.

Customer Support

Provide a link to a support page or FAQ section for customers needing assistance. Customers appreciate getting their issues resolved quickly.  Plus, it can reduce the workload on your support team by directing customers to self-help options.

Flash Sales

Flash sales create excitement and urgency. It capitalizes on the impulsive nature of shopping—customers see a great deal and know they have to act fast before it disappears.

When using an SMS link to connect with your customers, it’s important to do it right. Here are some friendly tips to make sure your SMS links are effective:

Avoid Spammy Language

Instead of saying something like, “Click now for an unbelievable deal!” it’s better to keep things more down-to-earth and genuine, such as, “Contact us to learn more about our special offers.”

Using clear and simple language not only feels more personal but also builds trust with your customers. They’re more likely to respond when they feel they’re having a real conversation, not just being sold to.

Before you launch your SMS links, test them on different devices to ensure everything works. 

This helps avoid any hiccups that could frustrate customers, like links that don’t open correctly or a pre-written message that doesn’t fill properly.

Be Mindful of Privacy

Respecting the customer’s personal space and data is important. Start by ensuring you’re fully compliant with privacy laws, like the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) in the U.S., which requires businesses to obtain consent before sending marketing type text messages and links to consumers.

Always obtain explicit consent before sending promotional SMS messages, and inform your customers how their information will be used. Provide them with a simple way to opt-out if they no longer want to receive messages. 

Keep an Eye on Performance

Monitor how often your SMS links are used and what kind of responses they generate. 

This feedback can help you tweak your approach—maybe one placement works better, or people respond better to different pre-written messages.

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SMS messages are generally expected to be brief, even though they aren’t limited to 160 characters. To keep your texts concise and make the most of the space, it’s a good idea to use a link-shortening tool for your links. 

Google Analytics can track the number of people who click on your links, where they click from, and what device they use. This information helps you adjust your strategy to meet your audience’s needs better.

To set it up, you just add some tracking parameters to your SMS links. Then, you can check out all the data in your Google Analytics dashboard to see how your campaigns are performing.

SMS traffic refers to the volume of text messages sent over a network. High SMS traffic can cause delays in how quickly messages are delivered so if this is needed just speak with your SMS provider to obtain a high speed line to avoid such  delays, When using text message links, choose optimal times for sending texts.