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    Now that many businesses can start re-opening, how do you let your customers know you are open and they are safe? Many businesses have the phone numbers of their customers but have only used that data to confirm an appointment or a delivery. This is the time to use that customer data and text them letting them know your hours of business and how you are keeping them safe with your new policies. Text marketing services will get through to them much faster than emails since 99% of texts are read in less than 3 minutes. In addition, less than 1% are considered SPAM – especially when personalized with their name and your name. Today, 90% of email is considered spam. Of course, you can’t take time to message each customer separately on your personal phone, nor do you want to share your private number so what do you do?

    This can be made easy using a Business Texting platform. The results will impress you. You can easily achieve response rates of 25%+ and delivery rate of 98% with “personalized” texting (described below) .This is because texting is a more intimate communications channel.

    How it Works

    1First, text-enable your existing business number (this can be done in less than five minutes).

    2. Now craft a personalized message that looks like it comes from you directly, but will go to multiple customers.

    Consider offering a fun and engaging VIP coupon or other promotion to get those loyal customers and their friends back in the door.

    Like email, the texting service will automatically insert the customer’s first name for you if you have it.

    3. Finally, all you do is upload a customer phone list into the cloud-based texting service with those customer names and phone numbers . The texting service will do the rest and the messages go out automatically – fast and easy! You can even send a link for people to book a reservation, if appropriate.

    When customers start texting back or calling you back on your text-enabled number, a good texting service will provide you a dashboard (like an email inbox) where you can respond to the customer. If a number is no longer good, the system will identify it for you. You can track your customer’s response history, answer questions or concerns, and add their requests to your reservation or order system. Textellent’s business texting app can integrate with your back-end or CRM system too and supports small businesses, as well as franchise brands. Consider starting with a 30-day free trial so you can see for yourself. There is nothing to lose and it could help you kickstart your business again.

    Want to learn more. Let us help you as we have helped others.