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    Being a home inspector means being involved in a communication-intensive business. After all, inspecting real estate properties requires a lot of communication and coordination with your clients and real estate partners. This demanding task of customer interaction can be made much easier by adopting a text messaging platform for your home inspection business. It is extremely easy to add texting to your existing business phone line, too, so that you no longer need to give clients or realtors your cell phone number if you prefer to keep that private.

    Here are the best practices for home inspectors and the benefits of business texting solutions:

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    A good business texting service allows your realtors and clients to schedule their own appointments with you more easily and avoids back-and-forth phone calls. The realtors and clients simply select a date and time they are available, and the appointment details are blocked on your calendar. A good texting system will synchronize with all the leading calendar systems such as iCal, Google, Outlook, etc.

    An additional advantage is that once the appointment has been booked, automatic text reminders will be sent to the client or realtor to remind them of the appointment to eliminate those reminder calls. This ensures you and your client are well-prepared for the meeting and minimizes friction. After all, with home inspections, you need access to all areas of the property, and so the realtor/clients may need to arrange that access ahead of time.

    Further, in case a client/realtor needs to rebook the meeting, a good business texting service will also make that easy for you.

    What adds to the efficiency of this approach is that after the appointment, questions may arise, and texting provides an easy way to deal with them. Texting allows you to ask the client questions and send or receive pictures to clarify a given issue with the property. Since 99% of texts are read within 90 seconds, you can quickly resolve questions this way. You will also have a record of all of these text conversations.

    Remember, it is your business line they will see – no need to reveal your private cell number anymore. This maintains privacy while making it easy for your clients to reach you and also ensures they don’t miss your emails, allowing you to text them when they need to review something there.

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    Since your texts can easily include pictures and links, it will help you maximize the benefits of this simple mode of communication.

    Further, you can also provide the clients and realtors with updates on the progress of your report. Once your report is ready, you can update them on the final outcome and also share a link over text. Using a business texting solution, you can also send realtors market updates, tips, or even holiday greetings. This way, they continue to think of you and send business your way.

    Why should you, as a home inspector, adopt a business texting solution now?

    In the coming years, the home inspection business is expected to grow much faster than the average for other occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the home inspection business is expected to grow 10% by 2026. This means the demand for home inspectors will increase, and along with it, so will your requirement, as a home inspector, of effectively communicating with clients and real estate partners.

    Final thoughts…

    Overall, yes, being a home inspector demands constant, long-term communication with your clients and real estate partners. It will be absolutely worth it to adopt a text solution that makes this crucial aspect of your home inspection role easier.

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