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Real Estate


Real estate text message marketing allows  realtors to keep in touch with active prospects and engage them by giving them immediate access to new listings, updates on properties, market news, etc. Many realtors send out newsletter that get lost in email, but with Textellent these informational notifications will get noticed and are easy to manage.

A real estate texting service can help provide a two-way dialog making it easy to have conversations with each client and keep them appraised of the properties that interest them. Sending invitations for appointments for house viewing can reduce the back & forth time spent trying to arrange showings. Sending birthday greetings and holiday greetings are a snap and keep realtors engaged with clients year-round increasing referral business.

How You Can Benefit

  • Promote new properties
  • Schedule home viewings
  • Send video walk-throughs
  • Updates on a listing or offer
  • Text images and reports
  • Client/realtor communications
  • Birthday and Holiday greetings