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Fitness Clubs are always looking for ways to retain their members and create long-term relationships with them. This is particularly of high importance after the busy Jan-March period subsides. Fitness groups can share class and instructor updates, diet tips, fitness videos and mobile guest passes in easy-to-create campaigns based on the classes and interest of members.

Textellent allows to send invitations to book appointments with trainers via a text link enabling customers to conveniently schedule time on their own. They will also receive automatic text reminders so appointments aren’t missed. Notes of appreciation, encouragement and referral requests are easily sent to various segments of your membership. If members are behind on payments, payment reminders are a reliable way to catch up on payment schedules too. Leveraging these services amplifies your member satisfaction, customer loyalty as well as referrals.

How You Can Benefit

  • Add texting keyword-based Customer acquisition campaigns
  • Set Trainer appointments/reminders
  • Membership renewals
  • Overdue payment alerts
  • Changes in class schedules
  • Fitness tips with video links
  • Mobile guest passes/referral requests with Social Media links

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Valley Ranch Taekwondo

 I used to get 50 calls a day whenever there was a school closure to check on our classes. Now I can send a quick text blast and spend that time talking to prospective clients instead. Makes my life so much easier!