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How Can You Boost Franchise Development with Texting

There are tremendous growth opportunities for the franchise model for the foreseeable future. The difficulty for franchises is to differentiate themselves among the many brands available. To attract new franchisees you need systems in place that will attract buyers to your brand – including marketing systems, internal protocols and management, support, and more. The organization that wins the franchisee buyer often results from the brand that has the most effective communication strategies in place and the best marketing support for these new buyers. There are two key ways texting can support franchisers. First, texting is an extremely responsive and personalized way to attract and nurture franchisee leads. Second, texting campaigns are a powerful marketing and customer service program to wrap into the overall marketing support programs offered to potential franchisees to grow their business.

Attract New Leads Via A Simple Opt-In Keywords Sent To A Catchy Short Code Like 87000

You can mention “text ‘fashion’ to 87000 for franchise info” in your social media posts, website landing pages, online & print ads, billboards, trade-show signs, email signatures, business cards, flyers etc. Prospective franchisees find this medium to be non-intimidating and relatively novel. Once they text in the keyword, you are able to send a personalized confirmation text from a local area phone number inviting them to text back and start a conversation. In addition, you can put them on a series of nurturing “drip” messages offering useful information and inviting a response text. Those leads that respond back with a text can be prioritized for a sales person while the rest can be automatically nurtured without requiring human effort.

The Competition Will Only Increase – Those Who Text Will Have A Clear Advantage

If someone is researching which franchise offers the best model, they will also certainly evaluate the marketing support programs closely as they consider building their territory. Marketing campaigns that can prove effective open rates, responsiveness, and ease of interaction with potential customers are key. Texting is the clear leader in all those categories over traditional mediums like phone calls and emails. Offering texting solutions and campaigns as a part of your program will differentiate you from other brands a buyer might be considering.

The Simplicity and Effectiveness Of Texting Can Improve Conversions

Conversion rates are critical to sales and profits. It is proven that fast response times to sales inquiries lead to higher conversion rates. Consider the impact that immediate, personalized, and automated sales messages could have in delivering your perfect sales message. This applies whether you are dealing with a buyer of a franchise or whether the franchisee is dealing with consumer buyers.

The advantages of using texting can help with attracting new prospects, and providing information and addition information as those prospects navigate through their options and compare potential businesses. The significance of those timely interactions is critical to give the consumer confidence in your brand. Whether it is a franchise buyer or a consumer you are nurturing with texting campaigns, they will evaluate and weigh your brand experience throughout the buying process. Texting represents a complementary channel with a significant impact.

Texting Provides:

  • Almost immediate read rate of sent messages (approximately 99% of texts are read within 90 seconds of receipt)
  • Less than 1% spam rate
  • Immediate, yet personalized responsiveness
  • Automation of communications
  • Real-time scheduling management (not just texting about appointments, but actual scheduling capabilities)

Potential franchisees and end consumers want to do business by texting. Make sure you support it…it is not just for appointment reminders anymore!  Call our Texting experts at Textellent.com to learn more about our sophisticated campaigns and franchise solutions.

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