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    This is crazy time for tax professionals. With this being the longest tax season in America’s history it poses new challenges, as well as significant opportunities to grow your practice. You must not only embrace working remotely and serving clients in a safe manner, but you must also try to become experts in new government programs that your clients may need. How do you let your clients know your new policies and how to you reach out to them and provide this new type of consulting?

    To answer this we have been talking with many tax professionals who are successfully deploying new techniques and using a business SMS service to adapt to the “New Normal”. We want to share them with you.  Texting campaigns are turning out to be an excellent tool for reaching clients quickly and even attracting new clients who haven’t yet filed their taxes. 20 Million returns are still anticipated! It is your opportunity to shine and use text message marketing effectively!

    Webinar Takeaways for Gaining Clients Now

    1. Notify clients via texts that you can consult with them on continuing relief packages
      • These notices are generating referrals as clients pass these messages to friends
    2. Remind clients of new fed and local deadlines & your remote work options
    3. Offer clients who are delaying a special discount via text to get them back
    4. Promote awareness of the SCAMs that are circulating
      • This advice generates referrals!
    5. Acquire new leads through text keyword opt-ins
      • “Text the word Taxhelp to 87000 to receive info on  how I can help you”

    Referrals are the lifeblood of any professional services business and these techniques work. When you apply these techniques and leverage your current advertising investments by adding the use of keywords to attract more opt-ins, you can really grow your practice. There is a silver lining here – you will be able to gain new clients after the traditional 4/15 Tax Day! Textellent will support you with the best texting service to use along the way.