Keeping in touch with customers is essential for any business looking to succeed. One of the most simple and effective methods is through promotional text messaging. 

With an open rate of about 98%, text messages are an excellent way to talk directly to your customers. Whether you’re announcing a new product, promoting a flash sale, or sending a birthday discount, SMS and MMS marketing is a powerful tool that can boost customer engagement and increase sales.

In this article, we’ll showcase 14 examples of promotional messages and explain the best practices for capturing attention and encouraging action.

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14 Promotional Marketing Message Examples

Here are 14 promotional message examples that you can use to draw in and keep your customers engaged.

1. Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are digital vouchers sent directly to a consumer’s smartphone or tablet, which can be redeemed at physical stores or online. They promote instant purchases and can be personalized based on the user’s location or purchase history. It is easy to add a picture of a coupon to a text message.


“Enjoy a special 20% discount on seasonal clothing this weekend. Enter the code SEASON20 when shopping online.”

“Book your next appointment online and save $10 with our exclusive mobile coupon. Use the code RELAX10 at checkout.”

2. Product/Service Announcement

When announcing a new product or service, the message should be clear and engaging, perhaps including an image to showcase the product. It typically includes details like the product’s description, benefits, and how customers can purchase it or learn more. 


“Introducing our new eco-friendly skincare line! Made with natural ingredients for beautiful, healthy skin. Available online and in stores starting this Friday.”

“Coming soon: Our new digital consulting service is designed to streamline your business processes. Stay tuned for the launch next Friday!”

3. Bundle Promo

One of the main appeals of bundle promotions is the perceived value they offer. Customers often feel like they are getting more for their money, which can be a compelling reason to purchase. Consider adding an image to make your message even more engaging.


“Tech Trio Deal! Purchase our latest smartphone model and get a protective case and wireless earbuds at a 20% discount. Upgrade your tech in one go—the offer ends soon!”

“Refresh Your Space Bundle! Buy a set of curtains and get a matching throw pillow at half price. Perfect for giving your living room a new look. Available while stocks last.”

4. Daily Deals

Daily deals are offers available for just 24 hours. Like flash sales, they create urgency but happen regularly, encouraging repeated visits to a retailer’s website or store.


“Start your day right! Today only, enjoy 25% off all coffee machines until midnight. Wake up and smell the savings!”

“Daily Fashion Fix: Get 40% off all designer handbags today. Act fast—the deal ends at midnight!”

5. Holiday Promotion

Holiday promotions often use seasonal themes and imagery that resonate with the holiday spirit. Like other sales promotions, holiday campaigns usually feature limited-time offers that create a sense of urgency.


“Find the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day with our Sweetheart Sale! Enjoy 20% off all jewelry and get a free box of chocolates with every purchase over $75. Offer valid until February 14th.”

“Get ready to light up the 4th of July with our Star-Spangled Sale! Save 30% on all outdoor grills and patio furniture. Plus, receive a free American flag with your purchase over $100. Hurry, this offer ends July 4th!”

6. Personalized Promos

Personalized promotions are customized to each customer based on their shopping habits and preferences. These can be highly effective in increasing conversion rates by making offers more relevant to each customer.


“We noticed you love historical novels! Here’s a 20% discount on our latest arrivals in the genre—just for you.”

“You’ve been eyeing stylish activewear lately—grab 15% off on our latest sports collection! Use code FIT15 at checkout.”

7. Flash Sale

A flash sale is a short-term discount or promotion offered for a limited time. It’s typically announced with little to no advance notice and lasts a few hours to a few days. Discounts during a flash sale are usually higher than a typical promo message to make the offer especially compelling. 

Including an animated GIF along with the message can be very effective.


“2-Hour Flash Sale! Save 50% on all winter coats. Ends at noon—don’t miss out!”

“Tonight Only: 30% off selected home essentials from 6 PM to midnight. Grab these deals while they last!”

8. Sales Alert

Sales alerts are useful for encouraging quick purchases and moving inventory, especially during peak shopping periods like holidays or seasonal sales. These alerts often include phrases like “for a limited time” or “while supplies last” to prompt customers to act quickly.


“Big Savings Alert! Our annual summer sale starts next week. Up to 50% off on all outdoor furniture. Don’t miss out!”

“Holiday Countdown Deal! Just in time for the festive season, enjoy 30% off our entire line of kitchen appliances. Offer valid through December 5th—shop now before the holiday rush!”

9. Loyalty Program Invite

Loyalty programs encourage repeat business by rewarding customers for their continued patronage. Invitations to join these programs highlight benefits like discounts, points, or exclusive offers.


“Become a Gold Member! Sign up for our loyalty program today and earn points for every purchase, redeemable for exclusive rewards.”

“Upgrade your shopping experience! Become an Elite Member for early access to sales, special birthday offers, and more. Join now to start enjoying the benefits!”

10. Pre-sale Promos

Pre-sale promotions allow customers to order a product before it is officially available. This can help businesses gauge demand and secure early revenue.


“Pre-order the newest smartwatch model and save 15%! Secure yours now and be ahead of the tech curve!”

“Reserve your copy of the upcoming bestseller today and get an exclusive signed bookmark. Pre-sale ends soon—don’t miss out!”

11. Birthday Offer

Automated birthday messages are a thoughtful way to show customers you care about their special day. These personalized promotional SMS and MMS messages give customers special discounts or perks on their birthdays and enhance customer relationships through a personal touch.


“Celebrate your birthday with us! Get a free dessert on your special day when you dine in. No strings attached—just show an ID!”

“It’s your birthday, and we’re celebrating! Enjoy 25% off your next purchase. Use your unique birthday code: BDAY25 at checkout.”

12. Online Event Announcement

This promotional message informs customers about an upcoming online event, such as a webinar or live product demonstration. The goal is to boost online engagement and participation.


“Discover the latest trends in digital marketing with our expert panel. Tune in online this Wednesday at 6 PM EST. Reserve your spot now!”

“See our new kitchen gadget in action! Join our live demo on Friday at 12 PM EST. Register for free, and don’t miss out on exclusive tips and tricks!”

13. Content Promotion

Content promotions focus on distributing content like blogs, videos, or whitepapers to engage customers. They aim to educate the audience and establish the business as a thought leader in the industry.


“Check out our latest blog post on ’10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office’ and discover how to boost your productivity while working remotely.”

“Explore our newest blog, ‘Healthy Eating on a Budget,’ for tips on nutritious, wallet-friendly meals. Read now and start saving!”

14. Early Access Offer

Early access can enhance customer loyalty by making participants feel part of an exclusive group. It’s a way to reward and engage with your most committed customers and strengthen their connection to your brand.


“Early access just for you! Shop our new shoe collection today, 72 hours before the public. Thank you for being a valued customer!”

“Be the first to explore our winter apparel. As our loyal subscriber, enjoy early access starting now, 48 hours before the official release!”

Best Practices for Sending Promotional Messages

Here are some best practices for creating promotional text messages that can help businesses maximize their impact:

Before sending any promotional messages, it’s essential to obtain explicit consent from recipients. This not only complies with regulations like TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) but also ensures that your audience is receptive to your messages.

Keep It Short and Sweet

SMS messages should be concise due to character limits and to maintain the recipient’s attention. Aim for clear and concise messages, ideally under 160 characters, to avoid splitting into multiple texts and consider additional an image for additional impact or to provide more details

Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Every promotional text should have a straightforward call to action. Whether it’s “Shop Now,” “Use Code,” or “Claim Offer,” your CTA should be direct and easy to understand, encouraging immediate action.

Time It Right

The timing of your messages can greatly influence their effectiveness. Consider your audience’s daily routines and send promotional messages at a time when they are likely to be seen and acted upon. For retail, late afternoons or weekends might work best, while a few hours before lunch or dinner could be ideal for restaurants.

Offer Real Value

Make sure your promotional texts offer genuine value to the recipient. This could be exclusive discounts, early access to sales, or information about special events. Offers should feel exclusive to SMS subscribers to motivate sign-ups and retention.

Monitor and Optimize

Analyze the performance of your SMS campaigns regularly. Look at open, click-through, and conversion rates to understand what works and what doesn’t. Use this data to refine your approach over time.

Ensure Easy Opt-Out

Always provide a simple way for recipients to opt out of receiving future messages. This adheres to legal requirements, respects consumer preferences, and maintains your brand’s integrity.

Personalize Your Messages

Personalization can significantly increase the effectiveness of your text messages. Use the recipient’s name, reference past purchases, or send offers based on their location. This shows that you value them as individuals, which can enhance customer loyalty.

Segment your audience based on their interests, demographics, or other unique characteristics. This will allow you to send messages that truly resonate. 

With Textellent, you can create multiple tags for different events, previous interactions, client preferences, and a client’s various stages in their customer journey. This allows you to send messages that are not just relevant but perfectly timed and highly targeted.

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FAQs About Promotional Text Message Examples

Complying with laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the U.S. is crucial. The law requires explicit consent before sending promotional messages and providing an easy way to opt-out.

What is the best frequency for sending promotional messages?

The ideal frequency varies by industry and audience, but generally, once every two weeks is sufficient to keep your brand at the top of your mind without overwhelming your customers. The frequency might increase temporarily for specific SMS marketing campaigns, like a flash sale or daily deals.

What should I avoid in promotional messages?

Avoid sending too many messages too frequently, using overly aggressive or misleading language, and making the promotion too complicated. Each message should offer clear value and be easy to understand.