People are always thinking about their health and fitness goals. They’re especially inspired during the holiday season to shake off their indulgence. So, it’s always the ideal time for gyms to offer various workout options and a supportive community. 

Gym marketing is essential if you’re running a fitness center and want to attract new members while keeping your regulars feel valued and excited to return. 

Whether you’re showing off your latest equipment or the vibrant community vibe you’ve created, effective marketing convinces potential members that your gym is the perfect fit for them. 

In this article, we will explore how gyms can fully use gym marketing to attract new members and retain existing ones. 

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Why SMS Marketing Matters for Gym Owners

According to studies, 19% of surveyed consumers prefer to communicate with businesses via text messages. This includes getting alerts and reminders and having back-and-forth communications. 

It’s evident that phones aren’t only used for browsing social media or taking calls but also a preferred method for businesses to build customer interaction. 

In 2022, an estimated 333 billion emails were sent and received each day globally. This staggering volume is expected to grow even further, reaching 392.5 billion daily emails by 2026. But not surprisingly, most of them go unopened. 

In contrast, text messages are opened almost immediately after they’re received. Therefore, you can alert members to an open spot in a popular class, remind them of an upcoming appointment, or send a quick motivational message. 

This immediacy is what makes SMS marketing valuable for gym owners. It ensures that messages are noticed immediately and acted upon quickly.

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Benefits of SMS Marketing for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Text message marketing does a lot more than send out info—it personalizes a customer’s gym experience. 

When you customize each text to match your members’ individual preferences and fitness goals, they see these messages not just as another ping on their phones. They consider them as thoughtful notes from a gym or fitness center that cares about their progress. 

Gym owners can take advantage of SMS messaging in their communication strategies through:

  • Quick alerts keep members informed of any changes in class schedules.
  • Instantly send payment and renewal reminders to opted-in subscribers.
  • Friendly nudges ensure members don’t miss personal training sessions.
  • Direct deals entice members with timely savings.
  • Inspirational messages keep members focused and driven.
  • Gather real-time reactions and suggestions from members.
  • Share valuable fitness and wellness advice.
  • Quickly inform members about urgent updates or closures.
  • Reduce wait times and improve member service.

10 Gym Marketing Message Examples

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of gym marketing messages you can send:

1. Early Bird Class Alert

Encourage members to start their day actively by promoting early morning classes.

Example:  “Rise and shine, [Member’s Name]! Grab your spot in our 6 AM yoga tomorrow and start your day right. Book now and feel the zen!”

2. Birthday Perk

Celebrate members’ special days with personalized offers and automated birthday text messages to show you care.

Example: “Happy Birthday, [Member’s Name]! Celebrate with us with a free personal training session this month. 🎉 Let’s make this year your fittest yet!”

3. Friend Referral Bonus

Increase membership through word-of-mouth by incentivizing members to bring friends.

Example: “Bring a friend and work out for free! Show this text at the front desk to redeem your buddy pass. Let’s get fit together. 👯‍♂️ See you both at the gym!”

4. Membership Renewal Reminder

Prompt members to renew their subscriptions by offering a timely reminder and an incentive.

Example: “Hey [Member’s Name], your gym membership is up for renewal next week. Renew by Friday and receive 10% off your next month’s fee. Stay fit, stay committed!”

5. New Class Launch

Announce new classes to keep the workout routine exciting and engaging for members.

Example: “Exciting news! We’ve just launched a new HIIT class to boost your fitness fast. Spaces are limited—text back to reserve your spot and challenge yourself!”

6. Anniversary Acknowledgment

Recognize and appreciate long-term members with special acknowledgments on their membership anniversary.

Example: “It’s been a year since you joined us, [Member’s Name]! Thanks for being a part of our gym family. Drop by the front desk for a special thank-you gift from us.”

7. Weather Closure Alert

Quickly inform members about unexpected closures or changes due to weather conditions.

Example: “Due to severe weather, the gym will be closed today for safety. Stay safe, and we’ll see you back for your workouts tomorrow!”

8. Motivational Messages of the Week

Keep members inspired and driven with weekly motivational quotes.

Example: “Remember, [Member’s Name], ‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.’ – Gandhi. Keep pushing your limits!”

9. Feedback Request Post-Class

Engage with members by requesting feedback after classes to show you value their input.

Example: “Thanks for attending this morning’s spin class! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Reply to this message with your feedback or any suggestions. 🚴”

10. Special Offer on Supplements

Promote fitness-related products, such as nutritional supplements, with special offers.

Example: “Boost your workout results with 20% off all supplements this week. Show this message at the gym café to claim your discount. Fuel your fitness journey!”

Launching Your Gym’s SMS Campaign with Textellent

Starting an SMS campaign with Textellent is a great way to ensure your gym members receive timely and relevant updates. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

Step 1: Sign Up for Textellent

Create your account with Textellent.

Step 2: Select the Right Plan

Textellent has a variety of plans to suit different needs. Pick one that matches the volume of messages you expect to send and the features you’re looking for:

  • Lite Plan: $29/month for one user and 250 SMS credits.
  • Essentials Plan: $49/month for one user and 750 SMS credits.
  • Standard Plan: $99/month for two users and 2,000 SMS credits.
  • Premium Custom Plan: Customizable user options and SMS credits tailored to your gym’s requirements.

Step 3: Easy Integration (Optional)

Improve your experience with Textellent’s easy integration options. Choose from a Chrome extension, Zapier integrations, or APIs to connect Textellent seamlessly with your existing systems.

Step 4: Upload Your Contact List

Add your gym members to the Textellent platform. Remember, in accordance with compliance regulations, it’s important to ensure that all contacts have given their consent for SMS messages.

Step 5: Craft Your Messages

Now, create your campaign messages. Whether announcing a new class, reminding members about renewals, or promoting new equipment, keep your texts clear, engaging, and concise.

Step 6: Target Your Audience

Determine who should receive your messages. Use Textellent’s advanced tagging system to segment your audience by previous interactions, purchases, or subscription type.

Step 7: Schedule and Send

Choose the best time to send your messages and schedule them right on the platform. You can even set up automated SMS marketing campaigns that trigger follow-up messages based on specific customer actions.

Best Practices for Sending Gym Marketing Messages

When sending out gym marketing messages via SMS, getting the tone and timing right can have a huge impact. Here are some best practices to keep in mind to make sure your messages hit the mark every time:

Personalize Your Messages

Always make it personal. When sending messages, be sure to use your members’ names and mention details specific to their activities or preferences. This will make each message feel more like a one-on-one conversation than a generic broadcast. 

Keep It Concise

Keep your messages short and sweet. Ensure each message is easy to read and gets straight to the point so your members can quickly grasp your words without sifting through extra fluff. This approach respects their time and keeps communication clear and effective.

Use Multimedia Messaging Service

Using MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, into your SMS marketing can bring your messages to life. Instead of sticking to plain text, you can add color and excitement with images, videos, and sounds. This immediately grabs attention and makes your communications with customers more memorable.

Textellent makes this easy with its media library, where you can upload your own visuals or choose from those available on the platform. This is a great way to ensure your promotional messages reflect your gym’s brand and connect more meaningfully with your audience.

Include Clear Calls-to-Action

Always include a clear call to action. Let your members know exactly what you want them to do next, whether booking a class, taking advantage of a promotion, or giving feedback. A direct CTA removes any guesswork and makes it easy for members to engage with your gym in meaningful ways. 

Respect Privacy

Always ensure that your gym members have agreed to receive texts from you and make it simple for them to opt-out if they choose to. This shows that you value and respect their personal space and choices, build trust, and comply with privacy laws. 

Test and Optimize

Treat every promotional message as an opportunity to learn what resonates best with your members. Experiment with different texts, timing, and offers to see what gets the best response. Adjusting your approach based on real feedback helps you fine-tune your communication and ensure your messages are relevant.

Efficiently Manage Your Communications with Textellent

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FAQs About Gym Text Messages

What content should gyms include in their welcome text messages to new members?

Welcome texts should include a warm greeting, key information about gym facilities, and any initial offers or resources available to new members, such as links to gym schedules or introductory classes.

How can gyms measure the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns?

Gyms can measure SMS effectiveness by tracking open rates, response rates, and conversion rates for actions like event sign-ups or promotional redemptions.

What are some creative ways gyms can use MMS in their text campaigns?

Creative uses of MMS include sending workout tips with visual guides, success stories in photo or video form, and virtual tours of new facilities or equipment to engage members visually.