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Since 2014, there have been more job openings than candidates to fill them. But even when faced with a continued labor shortage, the staffing industry continues to grow each year. This growth, however, doesn’t come easy. Qualified candidates have more employment options than ever. So, besides having a position that suits their needs, how do you make sure your company is positioned to attract and retain the talent you need?

Get to candidates fast

Most candidates apply to several jobs when seeking employment, so your response time is critical. By immediately sending a text message to an applicant, you are far more likely to engage them in a timely manner. Afterall, 99% of text messages are open within the first 90 seconds. You can also offer an actionable rapid-response mechanism on job posts, marketing & social media through opt-in keywords & shortcodes: Text “Jobs” to 87000!

Make it easy

Most people today prefer texting to talking on the phone. Job seekers are no different. Most are constantly on their phones looking for and applying to job opportunities that are of interest to them. By communicating via text with these candidates, you increase the likelihood of them seeing and responding to your communication. (Texting response rates are generally 35% or higher!) Currently employed candidates may not be available for a phone call or even see your email, but you can bet they’ll read your text!

Make it personal

Establishing comfort and trust with candidates is immeasurably important. The intimacy and personalization of texting as a communication channel builds on this bedrock of recruiting. Instant updates, interview reminders, even onboarding documents. You can also nurture candidates with personalized drip-campaigns to inform them of current opportunities, offer automated interview scheduling & reminders, and much more.

The Textellent Solution

Textellent is a highly integratable SMS-for-business platform built specifically for sales, marketing & user engagement. Our technology is incredibly robust, patented and rich with features, functionality and reporting. We can work seamlessly with your existing ATS or CRM and our handy Textellent Messenger browser extension allows you to text from almost any webpage. Our cloud-based dashboard offers the convenience and speed of texting from a computer keyboard, supports multiple users, permanently saves message history and has an expansive media & template library.

Key Features

  • Text Enabled Landlines. We can text-enable almost any phone number; landlines, toll-free, VOIP. Your candidates already know it’s you!
  • Message Forwarding. Uses the native messaging app on your phone seamlessly.
  • Web-Based Dashboard. Supports multiple users. Dialog interface looks and acts just like an email inbox. Media & message template libraries. All conversation history is saved permanently; great for training and quality control.
  • Opt-In Keywords & Shortcodes For example,  Text ‘ApplyNow’ to 87000! These can be used in many ways. Include them on Job Posts, social media, terrestrial marketing, etc.
  • Sophisticated Drip-Campaigns to nurture and engage candidates.
  • “Text-Us-Now” Widget. A button that appears on the mobile version of your website. It enables visitors to text your main phone number directly by clicking it.
  • Text Blast – bulk SMS/MMS. Send text or images to segmented groups for immediate needs, promotions, updates, holiday greetings, automated birthday greetings, etc. 

How You Can Benefit

  • Allow candidates and employers to text you & maintain history
  • Advertise open positions using short codes via social media
  • Notify contacts of new searches to seek referrals
  • Invite candidates to easily book appointments with you
  • Send appointment reminders automatically
  • Provide search feedback and updates


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