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Qualified candidates have more employment options than ever. Most candidates apply to several jobs when seeking employment, so your response time is critical. By immediately sending a text message to an applicant, you are far more likely to engage them promptly. Get more candidates to text in to learn about job postings by advertising, such as Text “Jobs” to 87000! By communicating via text with these candidates, you increase the likelihood of them seeing and responding to your communication. You can also nurture candidates with personalized drip campaigns to inform them of current opportunities, offer automated interview scheduling & reminders, and much more.

How You Can Benefit

  • Allow candidates and employers to text you & maintain the history
  • Advertise open positions using short codes via social media
  • Notify contacts of new searches to seek referrals
  • Invite candidates to easily book appointments with you
  • Send appointment reminders automatically
  • Provide search feedback and updates


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