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Educational Services


Businesses that offer children’s or adults’ classes whether it is arts, music, karate or tutoring can use Textellent to keep in touch with customers regarding class schedules, instructors, homework, project deadlines and more. Sending out video tutorials to help reinforce lesson plans and reminders about class requirements can help make the educational experience richer and ensure students are prepared.

Sending congratulatory notes, birthday greetings and holiday greetings make students feel more appreciated and develop stronger customer engagement and in turn increase referrals. All these programs lead to higher student retention rates, new student sign-up rate, engagement, and satisfaction, thereby making a difference to your business’ bottom line.

How You Can Benefit

  • Keep students informed of Class Schedule Updates
  • Homework assignments/due dates
  • Safety alerts
  • Teacher & family communications
  • Self-service scheduling for parent-teacher conference
  • Birthday & Holiday greetings
  • Referral programs with links to social media pages
  • Important event reminders (no-school day, tests, parent events etc.)

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