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Zipwhip Alternative for Your Business

Are You a Zipwhip User? If you are, we are able to support you in a seamless transition.

As a business texting user, you know that messaging is the best way to engage with your customers. You know this because you’ve already invested in this communications channel. Zipwhip served businesses of all sizes and industries – including many franchise brands. Textellent was founded by franchise executives, so the solution easily supports this business model while being equally valuable to enterprises and small businesses.

With Textellent’s migration wizard, all your data will transfer to Textellent. And what’s more, we can give you so many advanced messaging options that were not available from Zipwhip and deep integration options with our more extensive API capabilities.

Migration Testimonials:

it was very easy to switch from Zipwhip to Textellent, the migration process was seamless and the user interface has been relatively easy to learn. We haven’t needed the service or support yet, which is great in and of itself.

 Sarah W, Andersen Sales

Transitioning to textellent has been a positive experience.  The staff are professional and great at following up.  They react quickly to any concerns we may have.

 – Damaris Z, Visiting Angels


How do I migrate my Zipwhip account information to Textellent?

We automatically migrate your service with our migration wizard.

What is migrated?

  • Existing text-enabled phone number
  • All Contacts
  • Contact groups
  • Conversation history with each contact
  • Message attachments from the conversation history

Will Textellent support my existing numbers?

Yes. With zero downtime. We have been adding texting to existing business lines for years

What new features can I expect from the new provider?

See our feature comparison below.