Textellent + TaxAct

Elevating Your Accounting and Tax Communications with Integrated Text Messaging

Business professional texting at their desk.

Textellent empowers tax professionals to streamline and grow their practices with premium Business Texting and Appointment Scheduling solutions. Seamlessly integrated with TaxAct, our platform automates personalized text messaging using non-sensitive data in your TaxAct system.

Communication Simplified: Integrating Text Messaging with TaxAct

Text-enable your current office number to send personalized and relevant text messages automatically. With Textellent working as a virtual assistant with your TaxAct system, you can do that, and even more:

  • Boost client retention rates
  • Grow your client base by attracting new leads
  • Streamline appointment management and save staff time
  • Serve clients efficiently without prolonged calls
  • Easily send requests for referrals & reviews
  • Extend greetings on birthday’s & holiday messages year-round

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