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How Using Texting Works To Build Your Brand Within The Home Care Service Industry

There are unique opportunities for senior home care franchises for the foreseeable future. The difficulty for franchises is to differentiate among the choices of brands to choose from. To attract new locations you need systems in place that will attract buyers to your brand – including marketing, internal protocols and management, support, and more. The organization that can win new location buyers often results from an effective communication process.

Texting For Care Provider Franchisees

Texting campaigns and automation are critical for home service franchise owners who value responsiveness

The level of competition among franchises is likely to increase over the next 20 years. There is a rapid shift in the average age of Americans, and a US census bureau demographer projects that there are soon to be more seniors than children for the first time in history. By 2035 there will be 78 million people over 65 years of age.

The Competition For Caregiver Recruiting Will Only Increase – Those Who Text May Have A Clear Advantage

As the population ages, businesses rush in to take advantage of the market opportunity. There are numerous business models and variations that segment the industry, using terms like aging in place, senior home care, memory care, elderly home care, and senior care services. Franchise developers seeking effective ways of recruiting will benefit from texting as a communication tool. If someone is researching which franchise offers the best model, they will also certainly evaluate the open rate, responsiveness, and ease of interaction – three communication categories that texting is the clear leader more traditional mediums like phone calls and emails.

The Simplicity and Effectiveness Of Texting Can Dramatically Improve Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are critical to your sales and profits. Identify your response times for sales inquiries, then most important conversion rates in your company. Consider the impact that immediate, personalized, and automated sales messages could have in delivering your perfect sales message. See Textellent.com for more information.

The advantages of using texting for home care franchise services can help with attracting new prospects, and providing information and contacts as those prospects navigate through their options and choose a brand. The significance of those interactions is critical, especially since local franchise owners tend to be entrepreneur-minded and will do their homework as they research their options. They will evaluate and weigh the program throughout the buying process.  Given all the means you have for recruiting new location owners, texting represents a small percentage of the overall communication plan, but the potential impact is great.

Texting For Franchise Development Provides:

  • Automation of customer service communications
  • Real-time scheduling management (not just texting about appointments, but actual scheduling capabilities)
  • Almost immediate read rate of sent messages (approximately 99% of texts are read within 90 seconds of receipt)

Be Attentive – It’s Important For Your Location Owners

When you think about the type of person who’s going to operate a home care franchise, those people are focused, caring people who value interactions and relations. They will value the effort that franchise developers go through to communicate with them early and often – and based on the anticipated growth rate, there will be significant rewards for those who do.

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